American Goldfinch

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Breeding-plumage male, 2007-05-03

Breeding-plumage female, 2007-05-03

Breeding-plumage male, 2007-05-03

Winter-plumage male, 2005-11-20.  Photo by David G. Maloney.

WIth Northern Rough-winged Swallow (bottom) in tree at Compost Piles, 2008-02-21

Male photographed by Ollie OIiver, 2008-03-11

Male, 2008-04-29.  Composite photo.  See, they really do fold their wings all the way in during flight.

Male, 2008-05-29



Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-01-22.

2009-06-06.  Photo by Dave Templeton

Male, 2009-06-18.  Photo by Yoshi Nishimura

Male, 2009-06-18.  Photo by Brian Dobbins


Winter plumage.  2010-02-04