Black-headed Grosbeak

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Adult male.  Photo by Khanh Tran.

Adult male, 2007-05-10

Adult male in willow, 2007-05-17

Adult male eating Red Elderberry berries, 2007-06-21

Adult female eating Red Elderberry berries, 2007-06-28

Note the seldom-seen field mark - lemony underwings.  2007-07-12

Juvenile male,  2007-07-12

Adult male, 2007-05-10.  Photo by Ollie Oliver.

Male in a birch tree, from the boardwalk, 2008-05-01



2009-05-14.  Photograph by Brian Dobbins

2009-05-28.  Photo by Dave Templeton

2009-09-10.  Photo by Ollie Oliver

2009-05-23.  Photo by Ollie Oliver