Cinnamon Teal

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Cinnamon Teal are noted about every other year during spring migration.  Most sightings are between mid-April and mid-May.  Single males seen on 2001-03-21 and 2009-04-07 were notably early.  Our latest sighting was a pair seen on 1995-05-23.  They are sometimes in the company of Blue-winged Teal.

Cinnamon Teal are seen most often in the slough, the lake, and the ponds at Marymoor West (a.k.a. the Rowing Club).

Male on the far side of the slough at the weir, 2007-05-03


Male (left) and female at the north end of the lake, photographed by Marc Hoffman, 2005-05-05

This male, just below the weir on the far side of the slough, was with a female,

Male, 2009-04-07

Male, 2009-04-07

Male, 2009-04-07

Male at the Rowing Club, with male Blue-winged Teal, 2009-04-07

Pair at the lake, 2012-06-21