Greater Scaup

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Greater Scaup were uncommon winter residents, but in recent years the frequency of sightings has dropped notably, and they might now be termed occasional winter vistors.  From 1996-2005, we averaged 9 sightings a year; since then, we've averaged only 4 sightings a year.  It's possible that an increase in predation by Bald Eagles is responsible for the decline, with the scaup choosing to live elsewhere.

Greater Scaup and Lesser Scaup can be notoriously difficult to tell apart, and many times we've had to leave them as Scaup sp. for our identification.  The two species recently seem to be about equally likely to be seen at the park.

Scaup can be seen on the lake, in the slough, and at the ponds at Marymoor West (aka the Rowing Club).

Female, 2009-01-22

Ollie Oliver's photo, 2009-01-22

Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2011-10-13

Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2011-10-13

Females, 2013-03-07.  Photo by Ollie Oliver