Green-winged Teal

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Green-winged Teal are a common winter resident.  They start showing up in September-November, and then are fairly consistently found in fairly small numbers through April.  Sightings drop off quickly during the first two week in May.  Three sightings from early August, 1995-08-03, 2005-08-10, and 2009-08-13 appear as outliers.

We see them most frequently at the ponds at Marymoor West (aka the Rowing Club), but they are also seen in the slough, the lake, and in seasonal puddle-ponds, or simply flying down the slough.


Male, 2007-02-22

Male, with female Mallard, at the Rowing Club, 2007-12-13

Male and female, behind male Ring-necked Duck, at the Rowing Club, 2008-03-11.
Photo by Ollie Oliver.

Pair copulating at Rowing Club.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-01-29

Male doing a post-copulatory dance.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-01-29

Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-01-29

Two females.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-01-29

Teals on bank of the slough, 2009-02-12

Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2009-03-06