All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

Mallard are one of the easiest species to find at the park, and can be found in any season, and just about any location, in the park.  They are common breeders.

While we always see Mallards on every visit, the numbers are greater in the winter months than in the summer, with January having by far the highest counts, and July the lowest.



Female, 2007-03-05

Male, 2007-03-05

Babies at the Rowing Club, 2008-05-01

Ollie Oliver's photo of a mamma and 'lings, 2008-05-22

Male in eclipse plumage, 2008-07-31

Ollie Oliver's photo of ducklings, 2008-05-22

Ollie Oliver's photo of a nice pair, 2009-02-26

Male.  Photo by Brian Dobbins, 2009-08-23