Red-tailed Hawk

All photos taken at Marymoor Park.  Uncredited photos by Michael Hobbs.  All rights reserved.

On nest, atop "Odd Snag" just west of the main park entrance, 2007-03-15

Adult, with prey, 2007-11-01

One of two circling over the mansion, 2008-02-14

Being mobbed by Steller's Jay near the Rowing Club, 2008-02-28



Juvenile, 2008-07-24.  Photo by Ollie Oliver

Juvenile, 2008-08-07

Adult in extensive wing and tail molt, 2008-08-14

Juvenile in Snag Row, 2008-08-14

In Snag Row at dawn, 2008-09-04





Juvenile.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2008-10-16

Photo by Scott Ramos, 2008-10-09

Juvenile.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2008-10-09

Juvenile, 2008-10-09

Juvenile. 2008-11-26

Juvenile.  Photo by Ollie Oliver, 2008-11-26

On the "odd-snag" nest, 2009-02-12

2009-03-19.  Photo by Ollie Oliver

Pair interaction, 2009-09-10.  Photo by Ollie Oliver

On the "odd-snag" nest, 2009-04-30.  Photo by Ollie Oliver