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April 25th, 2001 Meeting Summary

-- see also the March meeting summary

I have updated these on 5/23 after reviewing some notes that Greg Helland forwarded to me.  The Capital Projects Prioritization summary should be more correct and complete now.  I've also listed (under Other Business) the FOMP funding requests made by Karl Kostel of KC Parks Facilities.  However, as I said before, this summary is subjective, incomplete, and probably incorrect, since I am writing it nearly 4 weeks after the fact -- Michael

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Capital Projects Prioritization
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Kevin Brown, King Co. Parks Capital Improvements Projects

Kevin Brown gave out a list of current CIP projects for Marymoor.  He explained the system for prioritizing and funding projects.  Starting in May, the CIP team collects project recommendations from within CIP and from the other divisions (i.e. Facilities Management) of the Parks System.  These are then prioritized, based on criteria of (1) safety, (2) preservation of assets, and then on considerations like the need for the improvement, whether there is a particular opportunity window to take advantage of, etc.

The prioritized list is sent to the King County Executive in late July, where it is reviewed from July to September.  A modified list is then presented to the KC Council in mid-September, and they evaluate the list, with final passage in November.

Youth Sports Facilities Grants

As part of the discussion of funding for projects, the Youth Sports Facilities Grant program was mentioned.  The program provides grants up to $50,000 with a required match (i.e. 1:2 - if you can come up with $25,000 in cash and labor, they will match it with $50,000).  Most projects are in the $5K-$25K range; 60-70% of proposals are accepted.  This is a county program, and more information can be found on the county website at  The contact with the county is Butch Lovelace, at 206-296-4566. 

Capital Projects Prioritization

Click to view Capital Projects List

Most of the meeting was devoted to prioritizing the list of proposed projects.  Each was considered in turn with free discussion of the pros and cons, and everyone except for county employees was then allowed to decide if they were in favor of the project.  Approximately 10-11 people could vote, so vote totals of 5 or more are shown in bold below.  Greg suggested that each person try to limit themselves to voting for only five projects, though there was no attempt made to enforce this rule.  In addition to existing list, several new items were added.

I did not take notes on the specific discussions or results, but I'll try to remember as best as I can the details on at least some of the items:

1) South Lot Paving - paving an apron at the entrance of the South Lot can be paid for out of the small paving projects pot.  They have had good success with paved aprons diminishing the extent of rutting in unpaved lots.  Paving the rest of the South Lot would probably not pass the permitting stage, because of the change from semi-permeable to impermeable surface so close to the slough.  There was discussion of other surface treatments that would be better than the current gravel and would still be semi-permeable. Since there is significant annual maintenance cost regrading and regraveling the South Lot, there was pretty good support for investigating alternatives.

2) Clise Mansion Roof - this project is already approved for 2001.

3) Speed Control Signage for the Sammamish River Trail  - can be done through small projects funding.  6 votes FOR.

4) Walkway lighting around and between Clise Mansion, Offices, etc. - In discussion, it appears that the lighting necessary for safety has either been installed or at least budgeted.  Additional lighting would allow for illuminated night use of the grounds of the mansion.  0 votes FOR.

5) New electrical system - Installation of a 3-phase system in the mansion area would make life MUCH easier for large events.  5 votes FOR.

6) N/A

7) Paving South Lot - see discussion under (1) above.  Outright paving received 0 votes FOR.

8) Resurface and widen cross-park path and redo "Par Course" exercise stations.  In discussion, widening would be very difficult to permit due to increased impermeable surface in a sensitive area.  There was also a feeling that discussion on what to do with this old trail should wait until the whole area trail system is revamped to link up with East Lake Sammamish Trail.  0 votes FOR.

9) Pave apron for Interpretive Lot entrances. This could be covered under small paving contracts.  0 votes FOR.

10) Replacing velodrome restroom - There was significant support for replacing both restrooms located north of the road (at the velodrome and at the tennis courts).  Replacing velodrome restroom received 6 votes FOR.

11) Basketball court, skateboard park - There was also the suggestion of a bouldering rock (less technical rock climbing more suited to youngsters), which was added as item #24.  The need for more facilities of this type was clearly established.  Questions were raised about whether Marymoor is the right place, since kids would HAVE to be driven there.  In the end, there was little support for these. 0 votes FOR.

12) Replacing tennis court restroom - There was significant support for replacing both restrooms located north of the road (at the velodrome and at the tennis courts).  Replacing tennis court restroom received 5 votes FOR.

13) Pave Cowboy Lot - this item was withdrawn.

14) Replacing picnic shelters - Parks personnel reported that these really needed to be replaced; they are basically just old and in need of redoing.  5 votes FOR.

15) Resurfacing all roads.  This will be extremely expensive, and will need to be done over several years.  Some potholes are appearing, and are costly to fix.  Possibly, this can mostly be put off for several years by identifying some of the worst areas and using the small paving fund to redo just those bad portions.  0 votes FOR.

16) Dog Water Structure - there was much discussion about just what this might be.  The proposal came from Bobbi Wallace, and her ideas included push-button-activated sprays, etc.  She mentioned the possible use of reclaimed water, and/or recycling the water.  Concerns were raised that the water structure would also be used by children creating a possible health problem. 2 votes FOR.

17) Installation of split-rail fence to limit car access, especially along Pea Patch road (leading to South Lot).  A counter-proposal was made to use stones instead; this became item #25.  Karl reports that people regularly just drive up off the road into the picnic areas.  5 votes FOR.

18) Restaurant - there was quite a bit of discussion on this.  It was mentioned that Coulon Park in Renton hosts two? restaurants and that the full cost of running that park is paid for from the revenue.  A location near the velodrome is the suggestion.  Complicated legal workings might be necessary so that it not just go to ANY restaurant that bids.  There was quite a lot of verbal support for the restaurant, in part due to its revenue-generating ability, and in part because it could fix the problem of inadequate food availability at the velodrome, etc.  There was a question as to whether any capital money would be required.  In any case, votes were taken in support of the concept: 6 votes FOR.

19) Signs/Rehab - I think this added item was to do the signage work to resign the park.  2 votes FOR.

20) Trails etc. for Marymoor West.  Trails in this area are shown in the Master Plan, but in the years since this land has been acquired, no trails have been built; there remains just the existing road to the Rowing Club.  6 votes FOR.

21) Expand parking in velodrome area.  New soccer fields are going in north of the road, but there is no new parking to handle them.  Additionally, there are new park users in the area (c.f. the Cricket Club).  5 votes FOR.

22) New trees, vegetation. While the parks people mentioned that there is money available for trees, it was felt that a significant planting of trees is necessary to replace the hundreds of cottonwoods removed in the last few years and slated for removal soon. 7 votes FOR. Tree planting was the highest vote-getting item!

23) Alternative surface for South Lot.  See discussion under (1) above.  Nobody could give details on exactly what kind of semi-permeable surface might be available, so this was voting in support of the concept.  4 votes FOR.

24) Bouldering Rock - See discussion under (11) above.  3 votes FOR.

25) Use rocks instead of fence to line Pea Patch Road.  See discussion under (17) above.  4 votes FOR.

Other Business

Velodrome repairs (for earthquake damage) have started.

The gap in the split rail fence at Marymoor West will be filled.

Drinking fountains are all on for the summer.  Please report leaks!

Karl Kostel provided three funding requests:

  1. To purchase one mobile watering tank with pressurized system.  The tank would be used to irrigate with reclaimed water.  Cost to FOMP - $700.

  2. Traffic counter to monitor and gather data about vehicle use in the park.  King Co. Parks would also purchase one unit, so two units would be available for use.  Cost to FOMP - $500.

  3. Litter Vac unit to vacuum litter, debris, leaves, etc. from turf and hard surfaces.  Would eliminate need to hand rake areas, particularly after large events and around picnic shelters.  Cost to FOMP - $6000 (amount matched by King Co. Parks).

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.  


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