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February 27th, 2002 Meeting Summary

-- see also the January 2002 meeting summary


Alexandra Scotts and Bobbi Wallace proposed having FOMP apply for a grant for recycling bins for Marymoor Park.  Previously a system of large in-ground receptacles had been considered for recycling at the park.  However, concerns were raised that the hidden nature of the in-ground system would lead to "compromising" - that is, people would throw garbage into the recycling containers.  Instead, they are proposing to apply to NAPCOR for a grant to acquire receptacles for PET (#1) plastic containers.

NAPCOR is the National Association for PET Container Resources, and they will provide matching funds for projects that promote PET recycling.  They would match a cash grant by FOMP, and possible labor donations by KC Parks and SODA.  An additional grant from PEPSI could also be included.

The proposal is for a grant for around 20 recycling containers, to be placed in the Willowmoor and picnic areas, and near athletic fields.  The deadline for grant application is March 15.  For more information, contact Bobbi.

Parks Budget and the Heritage Festival

The recent system-wide budget cuts include cutting 2 recreation coordinators and 8 eight-month employees, including 1 from Marymoor Park.

The Heritage Festival is also to be cut, due to a $180,000 shortfall.  It was announced that there is still hope for Heritage; they have until the end of March to find a way to cover the shortfall.  The Heritage Festival has 30,000-70,000 attendance (weather dependent), although because they have not gated the festival they are not positive of attendance numbers.  They are looking to make up for some of the shortfall by charging admission rather than charging for parking.  They are also looking for donations and increased corporate sponsorship.  Donations could possibly be channeled through FOMP.  This would require FOMP to register under the Charities Program of the office of the Secretary of State, and could also lead to increased IRS reporting requirements for FOMP.  However, these are not too difficult.  [In early March, FOMP will apply to the Charities Program, and will probably open a separate bank account to handle any donations targeted to saving the festival.]

Questions were raised about why Heritage would be slated for elimination, as it had been previously stated that the festival approximately broke even.  Norah countered that while it has been an event which usually breaks even on the books, there were costs not charged to the festival (in-kind costs and certain extra hours for FTE employees), and it is really a fuller accounting that results in the figure of $180,000. 

Kathy Lambert, the newly elected King County Councilwoman for District 3 (which includes Marymoor Park) was able to join us for part of the discussion of the budget.  Our thank go to Kathy - it was good to be able to bend her ear, and it was nice to meet her.  One of her staff members, Gene Laughlin, was able to join us for the whole meeting, and was able to answer many of our questions.

For more information about saving the Heritage Festival, contact Norah Gaynor.  More information will also appear on the FOMP website as it becomes available.

Off-leash 7-year Review

Bruce Lovelace will be coordinating the review of the Off-leash Dog Area.  This review is required under the 1995 Marymoor Park Master Plan.  Under that plan, permission for off-leash use was granted, subject to review after 7 years.  That review is due in July, 2002.

In December, members of SODA (Serve Our Dog Area) met with 2 King County Parks people to determine what the review should consist of.  King County pushed for evaluation under SEPA.  SODA countered that that was inadmissible since off-leash dog use is a subuse of a subset of the park, and thus exempt from a full SEPA review.  However, it was agreed that the SEPA process could serve as a model for the review.

Michael Hobbs stressed the importance that public input be allowed in the review; input beyond what might occur during a regular FOMP meeting.

Capital Improvements/Small Projects

Despite the budget crunch, Capital Improvements can still be funded since they are funded from a separate revenue stream (vs. maintenance which is funded out of the General Fund).  Norah will again bring the proposed project list to the March meeting for prioritization by FOMP.

Projects currently in the works include:

  • Electrical improvements in the historic area.  Plans are available in Norah's office, but the time for review has passed.  This project will allow better access to good electrical service in the Willowmoor meadow, which will be of great help for large stages.  Electric supply will generally be improved.  A large electric box will be placed near the southeast picnic shelter.

  • The ballfields by the west entrance are nearly finished.  Warning track work is underway.  Look for these fields to be be opened in July.

  • The new grass soccer fields near the velodrome were late in getting seeded.  The grass will be allowed to grow throughout all of 2002, with the fields open probably in Spring 2003.

  • There is money to replace the bunker-style restrooms at the velodrome and near the tennis courts.  Plans will hopefully be presented at the March FOMP meeting for review.

  • A new shop is under discussion.  Kathy Lambert suggested combining the shop with the Lake Washington Voc. Tech. expansion planned for the "Annex" area.

  • Engineering work is still needed on the lake platform.  Karl hopes to get the process restarted shortly.

  • Herb Bone pushed for increased water flow for watering in the eastern part of the park.

2002 Events Schedule - Luis Pulau Festival

No updates, except that Norah announced a change to the Sunday schedule for the Luis Pulau Festival.  The festival has requested a change in hours, extending the close until 10:00 p.m.   There will be an added concert from 8:15-9:15 p.m., followed by small fireworks.  The organizers of the festival will be encouraged to attend the March meeting for questions and comments.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.  


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