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March 26th, 2003 Meeting Summary

-- see also the February 2003 meeting summary

Meeting called to order by:Bill Illi _at 7:04PM.  Bill Illi was the only member of FOMP board present. Thanks to Diane Essington for taking notes.

Others present were: Jack MacKinnon, Diane Essington, Louise Miller, Al Watson, Barbara Dickson, Norah Gaynor, Stewart Konzen, & Jeff Hagen

Agenda and updates:

Parks Levy, presented by Louise Miller representing “The Parks Task Force #1 & #2”. Note: Louise Miller is the chair of “Campaign for parks levy”; a member of the Parks task force, Land Conserving and Businessman, co-chaired Parks Task

Force. (The Task force took 6 months to make recommendations to the King County Council on parks.) Some of the recommendations were a) to transfer facilities inside cities to the cities. b) Entrepreneurial enterprises to create revenue. c) Charge appropriate fees.

The levy was discussed. It would provide an extra $500,000.00 for added maintenance. It will be on the ballot May 20. This is a special item that will, along with other things, determine whether there will need to be more reductions in personnel this year. This levy, if passed, would cover 4 years, and property owners would be taxed at 4.9% of their property value. This would be approximately $12.25 /year on a home value of $250,000.00 and $14.00/year on a home value of $300,000.00.

One shock item was presented. Most people are not aware that72% of the total budget now goes to the criminal justice system! It takes a giant piece out of the pie.

There was a need give Louise Miller as much time as possible since this is such a vital subject for the whole of King County. Over an hour was spent on this subject. It was so informative that it was difficult to move on to the other items on the agenda. Louise fielded numerous questions from the group. There was far too much information given to be shared in this brief report. (Extensive notes were taken and will be kept, however, and will be available if there is an interest) It is suggested that, for those who are interested, go to the following web site: then select your area of interest.

April 5th planting /tree project, Reported by:Norah Gaynor

Information presented: Urban forest restoration project volunteers are asked to meet in the Interpretive lot between 9AM to 4PM on April 5th. Workers are needed.

Long term parking system, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

Norah reported that there is a big shift back to the automated system using automated boxes with timed tickets that will need to be put on the dashes of the cars. The system to be used for the handling of offenders is still being worked out.

People have been very supportive of the present parking fees.

W. Lk. Sammamish parkway construction (with timeline plans), Presented by: Norah Gaynor

Plans were presented. The start date is either April or May. Work will take place from 9AM to 3:30 PM on Monday through Friday. The work is to be completed by September 15th. There are concerns about the river work and its effect on the salmon; also, the impact on the concert series that will be taking place in the park.

Interpretive trail look-out, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

SEPA Review: Ok to fix walkway but not the dock. (the floating dock is gone) The decking and the railing will be repaired.

Work will be done in the period from June 15th to September 15th.

Concert series Temporary Use Permit Application, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

For those who wish to comment on the their concerns about the concert series they need to register their feelings before March 31. This, of course, does not leave much time.

“Moody Blues” concert is on sale now.

On April 24th but no later than May 3rd , there will be an announcement of the full schedule.

In- ground garbage system, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

The project has started on the East Side of the park. This is a good project since the containers will not have to be emptied as often and will save labor costs. There was a concern as to whether it will work out in the off leash area. The bags will probably be heavier and may need to be emptied more often.

Row Club Parking lot improvements, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

The area will be expanded. Permits need to be given by the City of Redmond. There will be a pre-application meeting next week. ( 31st March and into April.)

Community Garden, Reported by: Norah Gaynor

There were 48 people registered this year compared to 104 last year. The decrease is due to the very large increase in the costs of operation, which, in turn, requires the project to be self- sustaining. This, then, increases the rental fees. Many people said that they are not coming back because they can no longer afford it. They are saddened about the loss of their ability to continue their gardening and growing their own vegetables.

The present users are organizing into a group where they can manage the area and hopefully obtain grants to help support their work. They have provided food to needy groups through the years, and it would be a shame if this could not be continued.

Other items presented:

There was mention of a need for split-rail fence or barrier that would go along the West Side of the “pea patch” road beginning at the main road. This is to keep cars from driving up on the lawns in the picnic areas. Several openings would be provided for the maintenance people to use as needed. Synthetic or recycled materials were suggested since they would, perhaps, be cheaper and not break down as fast as split-rail .

There was a discussion regarding the new building for the model airplane field area.

Diane Essington, representing the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, mentioned a report on the Economic Vitality steering committee. One of the elements was in regards to tourism and an element of that is Marymoor Park.

Meeting closed after 9PM

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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