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July 23rd, 2003 Meeting Summary

-- see also the June 2003 meeting summary

Reported by Bill Illi

Meeting called to order by Herb Bone at 7:00 PM.  Note: Bill Illi and Herb were the only board members present.

Items of business and comments are as follows:

1) Introductions were made. Nine people were present including Bill Illi & Herb Bone. They represented the Board, King County Parks, The rowing club, The Gardenerís club, the Cycling club, Model airplane club (R/C), and Barbara Dickson, who in addition to Bill Illi, represents the nearby community.

2) Concert series update and sound issues. Norah said the concert series was going well.

Norah also noted that the Tori Amos concert would be loading in to the concert facility on Thursday, the 24th of July. They are planning a rehearsal on Friday, July 25th from 9AM to 5PM. This will not be a continuous program. The actual program will be from 7PM to 10 PM on Saturday the 26th of July.

Al Watson of the R/C club said that he felt there was a problem for him and others in getting out of the parking area after the concert he attended. Norah Gaynor said that they would take another look at it, but said that the parking is planned to get people into the parking spaces before the concerts as fast as possible.

Sounds from the concerts: Bill Illi and Barbara Dickson reported on the sounds they were heard in their neighborhoods during the concerts. It was agreed that the sounds coming from the Marymoor Blues Festival on the night of July 5th just after 5 PM. The drumbeats and basses were the most annoying! As designated representatives of their respective communities they called the noise complaint number (425-885-1333) to report it. An officer of the Redmond Police department responded.

Barbara and Bill both agreed that the practice sounds coming from the Jackson Brown concert on July 20th was also annoying. Heavy sounds were heard in their neighborhoods from 1:15PM, off, and on until 5PM. This was on a Sunday afternoon, which made it even more annoying! Calls to the Redmond Police reporting number were also made. An officer of the Redmond Police department responded. It should be noted that the actual evening program was not as loud. The exception was that some of the Meadowís community residents got some heavy sounds as well as voice sounds.

A concern was expressed that the Redmond police had to be the ones to respond to the noise complaints. The feeling was that this puts an unfair load on the police. Norah explained that the City needs these records and they report to her through one phone call rather than her getting all of them and not being able to respond by physically checking on the complaint. She can, and has taken those complaints to the concert people in an attempt to lower the sound levels. This will need to be continued.

The bottom line is that the types of concerts make the real difference. As an example; the Irish Tenor, and the Peter, Paul and Mary concerts were not heard by most of the residents outside the park. They were very low key. It is hoped that future planning of all and any concerts in the park will keep these as guidelines.

3) Proposals for fall 2003 parking passes and 2004 passes.

Norah Gaynor presented the following: For the 4-month period, September through December, the fee will be $33.00. Club reductions may apply.

For 2004, the proposed annual fee will be $100.00 and the quarterly fee will be $30.00. Again, club reductions may apply. There may be a special arrangement for the Gardenerís club since they are dependent on a growing season, which doesnít follow a pattern similar to other park activities.

4) Through-traffic controls at parks east exit, starting in September, 2003.

The new automated traffic control system should be in effect September 1, 2003.

This will allow people to pay for their parking automatically by depositing $1.00.

They will receive a dated receipt. This new method of control should help to eliminate some of those who attempt to use the park or just cut through without paying.

5)New picnic areas available near the climbing rock. There will be more picnic tables and even a grill provided. There are rest rooms in the area also. Norah said that these picnic areas as well as some others could be reserved by calling Edna of the park department. 206-205-3661

6) Update on W. Lake Sammamish Parkway widening project.

Norah said that the project is on schedule. If there are questions please call the project manager, Dennis Brunelle at 425-556-2724. Most of the trees that needed to be removed have been taken care of. They do not anticipate the closing of the walking and bike path along the river.

7) Pending river closure during salmon migration.

This will be done again this fall; at least after August 15th. This is the fence in the river to keep the dogs from the off leash area from disturbing the salmon.

8) Proposed off-leash area in the SEA TAC area.

The King County parks department is in the process of re-opening one of their areas in the south end for off-leash use. They are looking for funding from the cities in that area to help finance the project.

9) Other items:

Jack MacKinnon, president of the Marymoor community gardeners club again thanked the FOMP board for the grant funds provided to their club. Two garden plots have been set aside as a result of these contributions. A very nice article concerning his group was printed in the July 23rd issue of the Redmond Reporter.  email 

Go to the FOMP web site to get their web site as well as others.

The next meeting will be Thursday, August 28.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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