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November 19th, 2003 Meeting Summary

-- see also the October 2003 meeting summary

1) RASP Poetry Conference

Michael Welch, from Redmond Association for the Spoken Word (, came to ask for funding to help underwrite a weekend poetry conference to be held at Clise Mansion at Marymoor.

RASP holds monthly poetry readings at Victor's Coffee in Redmond, and already hosts an annual event, "Write Out Loud".  Their mailing list comprises 350 people.

The proposed weekend poetry conference would be held April 3-4, 2004 (Saturday day+eve, Sunday day), and Michael's vision is that this would become an annual event.  The conference would have 50-100 attendees with "national-profile speakers".  [Capacity of the main room in Clise Mansion probably limits attendance to 70].  The admission fee would be in the area of $50-$75.  It would be somewhat similar to the Dodge Festival, a bi-annual poetry event in New Jersey.

Michael requested funding from FOMP to offset the rental cost of Clise Mansion for the event - $2500.  FOMP seed money would be necessary for the event to proceed.  RASP would acknowledge FOMP on advertising, and could include a donation request for FOMP in the packet for attendees.

Discussion was lively and supportive, with questions and comments about advertising (Michael has lots of contacts at regional poetry groups), finances, and features (suggestion to have an open poetry reading the Friday before).

Bobbi Wallace floated the idea of a summer poetry event to benefit FOMP.  Michael Welch countered with a suggestion of montly poetry readings (say on Sunday nights) at Marymoor.

It was suggested that a Memorandum of Understanding between RASP and FOMP may be the way to go, so that this is not simply a gift from one non-profit to another, but instead lays out an agreed vision for making this event annual or recurring.

Greg Helland, seeing consensus on supporting the event, opened an official FOMP board meeting, and motioned that FOMP fund $2520.  This was seconded by Herb Bone.  During discussion, Michael Hobbs requested that a Memorandum of Understanding be written first before voting, so the motion was tabled.  Michael Hobbs and Michael Welch will collaborate on the MofU.

2) Maintenance Shop

Plans were shown of a proposed maintenance shop to house the North Utility Crew, relocated from Juanita Beach Park.  The North Utility Crew does Marymoor mowing as well as mowing, etc., at other facilities in the North District.  The new shop would be located at the northeast corner of the park.

With the current plans (first phase), Karl's crew and Norah's offices would not use the new shop, but the plan is extensible.

The shop would include 9 paved parking spaces plus a large gravel "yard" in back.

Herb Bone, from the model airplane group MAR/C, expressed concerns because the flight paths of the airplanes would come right up to the edge of the facility.  As the planes are fairly heavy and very fast moving, they can be a dangerous hazard if they crash.

Herb would like the facility moved to lie closer to the road and closer to the north end of the property to allow a buffer between the flight path and the facility.  MAR/C can reangle the runway somewhat to provide some buffer, but they cannot realign things enough to clear the facility totally.

Placement of the facility may be sensitive to concerns from the adjacent property managers.  Closer to the road should make paving, water, and sewer costs lower.

3) Driving Range RFP

The golf driving range idea is still around.  King Co. issued an RFQ (request for qualifications), trying to find groups who might be interested and capable of building a golf driving range at Marymoor.  Two groups passed the RFQ screening process, and they were then issued a RFP (request for proposal).  Neither of the proposals was satisfactory in its entirety, and the county issued an addendum to the RFP.  The revised bids will be reviewed shortly, with a decision in mid-December on whether to proceed with either company or reopen the RFQ/RFP process or scrap the idea.

4) Pet Memorial Garden

Bobbi Wallace met with the Community Gardener's Association and SODA (Serve Our Dog Area), and staked out the proposed area.

Comments from SODA on the idea:

  • SODA members are interested in celebrating living pets as well as deceased

  • SODA has the ability to get volunteers for maintenance

  • SODA is interested in supporting the Community Gardens financially

  • SODA feels that there IS demand.

  • They would like many options at different prices for memorializations.

Comments from the Gardeners:

  • CGA has horticultural experience among their members and would like to help design the garden

  • They would like wildlife enhancement to be part of the goal

  • They reiterated that there must not be a way to travel from the Community Gardens through the Memorial Garden to the east end of the Dog Area; dogs are not allowed in the CG, but if there is a path, dogs will use it.

The PMG would need to generate enough revenue to overcome operations expense (mowing, leaf blowing).

Greg Helland noted that the up-front costs would also be a big impediment, though CIP money may be available for things like the wall separating the two Gardens. [This observation about CIP funding elicited the concern that capital monies might be better spent elsewhere]

The need for perpetual care of the memorials led to the suggestion that proceeds go into a maintenance endowment.

Bobbi's goal for this project is Memorial Day, 2004.

The next meeting will be January 28, 2004.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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