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August 24th, 2005 Meeting Summary

-- see also the June 2005 meeting summary

1. Introductions: One new face - Laurie Clinton - new volunteer coordinator for KC Parks

2. Current Capital Projects

  • Recreation and Event Area - currently in permitting process. Has received a mitigated Determination of Non-significance. SEPA requires that a number of issues be considered as to what impacts a project will have - water, air, traffic, historical heritage, etc. Once this analysis is done, mitigation measures are considered, and a determination is made as to whether the mitigated impacts are too significant. In this case, the determination has been made that the are not too significance. For this project, comments on this determination are due by Friday, August 26th, 2005.

    Greg's reading indicated that storm water would be one of the more significant issues. Water will be drained through storm drains placed in the pad and directed to a bioswale southwest of the pad. Another issue is soils. The existing soil is not suitable for structural use, and a large amount will be removed. Some will be cached in the park for other uses; most will be hauled away. Jack mentioned that some might be useful for the strip between the Community Gardens and the Pet Memorial Garden.
  • Velodrome Restrooms - Construction will start in September, sharing the construction window of the REA. Should be finished by December. Plan and footprint are the approximately the same as the recently-built "tennis court" restroom (concession area will be 2 feet longer). Design will have some upgrades from that earlier building. During construction, water and power will be extended to the nearby picnic shelter.
  • Synthetic Turf Fields - Construction of the four turf fields replacing the four "all-weather" dirt fields is scheduled for late spring 2006. All fields will be closed and remodeled simultaneously. Target opening is for fall 2006 season. Vis-a-vis the fencing issue that had been discussed several months ago at a FOMP meeting, the seemingly unnecessarily large amount of fencing between fields will allow use for lacrosse. The minimum required for lacrosse will be used. Greg was concerned about the height and extent of the fencing. Greg suggested that a removable netting that might be winched up for lacrosse usage, but that would normally not be up, might be desirable, even if it needed to be up for a whole season at a time.
  • Ruff House - the dog washing concession - Norah did not have an update; last month they said they were hoping for next spring.
  • Wi-Fi and Automatic Light System - Wi-Fi is up and running, though there have been a few hitches. The system will be leveraged to allow automatic control of lighting (for both security and athletic field lighting). This will allow remote administration over the internet. Hopefully this will result in reduced expenses of sending people over to reprogram control boxes, as well as providing additional control. Hopefully will be ready for winter season, and maybe even the end of the fall season.
  • The Dasani Bicyle Program kicked off. This provides free bicycle "rentals" at the velodrome. Cyclists need to remember to bring their own helmets. More information is available at Parks is thinking of moving five of the lockers to one of the bus parking spots in the tennis court lot, providing easier access to the Sammamish River Trail (especially during construction activities for the event pad). Redmond Cycle is performing the maintenance on the bicycles.
  • Sammamish River Trail - has received a DNS for plans to widened (2 feet of gravel, 1 foot of pavement) the trail from Marymoor to Hollywood area. Our recollection is that this will close the trail for a while, though nobody knew details.
  • East Lake Sammamish Trail - Groundbreaking was held on July 30. A contractor is being selected currently. Gravel surface work will begin in mid-September; master plan for a paved trail will go to the council in 2006. The trail will be opened as a gravel trail pending approval.
  • Maintenance Building - groundbreaking will begin this fall, but Norah did not have a date. Mitigation work is pending. 3. Vegetation removal at the Rowing Club parking lot - Blackberries are being removed from both sides of the chain link fence that separates the parking lot from the road. This is being done at the recommendation of the police department as part of work to deal with a rampant car prowling problem in that lot. Barbara is concerned that the neighbors will be inundated with headlight glare this winter. The inherent conflict between the desirability of screening the lot for aesthetic reasons and removing screening for security reasons was discussed. The parking lot improvement plans call for screening the lot... Greg suggested that the situation might want to be examined this fall.

3.   Event Updates 2005 - New item - Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk for Epilepsy, Sunday September 25. See the events page for more information. Also newly added to the events listing is the Star Crossed Cyclocross (Sunday, October 1), an annual event.

4. Control-line Model Activities - that is, flying gas or electric model airplanes tethered to the human operator.  There were 3 designated flying areas until the very early '70's, and there is a move to reestablish this usage. Entailed is construction of a circular flying area with a paved central hub where the operator stands with a control line connected to the plane. There is also a paved runway. Herb, from MAR/C,  discussed that the problem with control-line models is that the planes fly in a circle and are very noisy. It is an annoying noise, since from any vantage point, the noise is repetitive RAUWwwwwRAUWwwwwRAUWwwwwRAUW. The old location, Herb pointed out, is particularly unsuitable both from a noise and a safety perspective. Michael voiced his concern about noise, citing existing model airplane use as being already a significant detractor to birdwatching. Michael also expressed concern about placing this activity near the Osprey nest as it could be disruptive for the birds.

5. Other:

  • Salmon fencing went up in the dog swimming areas along the river about 10 days ago, and will remain up until around November 15th.
  • Michael raised the issue of dogs swimming at the first fishing access south of the dog area. Greg will talk with SODA about whether a sign can be put up there.
  • Barbara asked about the red trailer at the Rowing Club; it contains some of their gear used for regattas, and it keeps it safer than it had been when out in the open.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 2005

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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