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February 22nd, 2006 Meeting Summary

-- see also the January 25, 2006 meeting summary

  1. In attendance - Greg Helland (SODA, FOMP President), Barbara Dickson (neighbor), Michael Hobbs (ELWAS, FOMP Secretary & webmaster), Norah Gaynor (KC Parks),  Marci Chartier & Steve Isaac (Sammamish Rowing Association), Jack McKinnon & Christina Merten (Community Gardeners Ass

  2. Starbucks Grant for Swing Set
    Laurie Clinton (KC Parks) would like FOMP to apply for a grant from Starbucks for money to replace the swing set northwest of the mansion.  The existing swing set is not up to the current safety standards and has been taken out of service.  A larger, deeper area around the swings would be needed.  The surface will be a pour-in foam-like material (not loose).  The replacement swings will be like the old ones; big - not meant for toddlers.

    Greg mentioned that FOMP applied for a Starbucks grant last year to help pay for the Pet Garden, and that grant was not approved.  However, there is no reason why we can't apply for this grant.

    Apparently, Starbucks gives priority when there is an on-going relationship between the park and a local Starbucks and its employees.  Laurie has already arranged for cooperation with a local Starbucks and has arranged a work party to take place this spring.

    Norah did not remember the dollar amount that would be requested.

  3. Sammamish Rowing Association Design Drawings

    Site plan entitlement currently in process.  This is a comprehensive permit, which combines siting and building issues.

    Utilities will run under the existing pathway.  The pathway will be lighted, with the lights on a timer.

    The boathouse will be south of the existing boathouse.  A new footpath will run east from the pathway to the "front" of the boathouse.  The new apron will mostly be placed where the existing boathouse is located.  The pavement north of the existing boathouse will be removed and the area restored.

    The boathouse will be 60'x100' (versus 40'x72' for the existing boathouse), two-storeys (to the 30' height limit), and boxy in shape.  A significant portion of the two long sides and the east end will be sheathed with translucent plastic to allow light into the interior.  The boathouse will be able to store almost double the number of boats as the existing boathouse.

    Upstairs will be SRA offices, restrooms, locker rooms, showers, a meeting room, and a large room where their exercise equipment will be set up.  The meeting room and great room may be available for outside organizations to use when not in use by SRA.

    There will not be public restrooms, per se, but the public will be welcome to use the restrooms in the building when the building is open.

    Construction schedule - unknown at this time; to be determined by permitting, construction issues, and fund raising.  Ground breaking could be late in 2006.

  4. Cricket Pitch

    The current cricket pitch is southeast of the climbing rock.  The pitch itself is a narrow runway area; the whole cricket field includes a large grassy field area around the pitch.  A new pitch will be constructed between the two soccer fields immediately west of the Events Pad.  This will allow either 2 soccer games or 1 cricket game on this field at any one time.  The existing pitch will remain, but that area will be needed for Circe du Soleil parking.  In other seasons, both pitches will be available for use.  The new pitch will have a higher quality playing area, and may attract some cricket tournaments.  CIP money will be used.  Installation needs to be complete by April 15th.

  5. Removal of snags at the west entrance of the park

    Just east of the west entrance bridge, on the south side of the entrance road, a number (11?) of cottonwoods were topped and converted to snags a few years ago (coincident with the snag program between the South Lot and the Interpretive Lot).  County management does not like the appearance of the snags at the entrance, and have also raised concerns about safety since these snags are not within a fenced protection area.  The snags are scheduled to be removed *TOMORROW*.  The trunks may be hauled over to Marymoor West and used to prevent illicit motorized access off the pathway to the boathouse.  The snags for habitat sign would be removed.

    Arguments against removing them:  (a) Aesthetics are a matter of opinion, and several members of FOMP do not see an aesthetic problem with the snags.  (b) It sends a bad message to have very publicly left them (complete with a sign touting the wonders of wildlife snags) and then cut them down two years later.  (c) There was concern that the anti-snag mentality would be extended to the main snag project.  (d) The whole snag project was intended to leave snags that would eventually fall down; it seems absurd to then argue for their removal because some of them are ready to fall down.

    Most people seemed somewhat mollified if there would be a program for tree replacement within the mansion area.

  6. Tree replacement ideas

    Around the mansion, many trees have been removed or been taken down over the last 5-10 years, and more will come down or will be taken down in the next few years.   During those same 5-10 years, very few trees have been planted in the mansion area.

    Norah says there is $5000 available now for trees.  She would like interested people to help plan a replacement program.


Next meeting, Wednesday, March 22nd.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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