Friends of Marymoor Park

April 26th, 2006 Meeting Summary

-- see also the March 22, 2006 meeting summary

1) In attendance
Greg Helland (FOMP President, SODA), Herb Bone (FOMP Board, MAR/C), Jack MacKinnon (Community Gardeners Association), Michelle (CGA), Angela (CGA), Phil (CGA), Michael Hobbs (FOMP Board, East Lake Washington Audubon Society), Norah Gaynor (KC Parks), Melanie (CGA), Harley Sheffield (Marymoor Velodrome Association)
2) Community Garden Association Grant
CGA has in past years received a FOMP grant to support the Food Bank plot.  CGA has experiencing some attrition as a result of increased plot fees due to the loss of KC subsidies (from 87 gardeners in 2005 to currently 55 in 2006).  The County no longer performs maintenance of the Community Garden, requiring gardeners to perform much of the garden maintenance work.
CGA would like FOMP to help pay for:
  • mechanical tilling ($550)
  • soil amendment (compost), including for the foodbank plot ($2700)
  • 3-way topsoil mix for 3 plots ($340)
  • Food Bank plot ($400) (includes some decorative planting along fence)
  • equipment rental for 2-3 rototillers ($370)
  • structural materials to survey and stake the plots ($375)
  • professional fees for insurance ($300)
  • professional fees for accounting and for 501c(3) ($350)
  • assistance ("scholarships") for disabled/ill gardeners ($370)
  • Total - $5755
Greg brought up the issue of labor contract issues (KC Parks union rules may preclude bringing in outside labor at reduced rates).  Norah felt that since the county used to contract out for tilling, that tilling would not be subject to this.  Mowing would be subject to the rules, but Norah will work to get KC Parks to increase their mowing of the garden paths and lawn.  Volunteer labor is also exempt from the rules.
Greg asked if compost prices might be cheaper if purchased through King County.  Norah didn't know, but thought it might be possible.  She will look into that.
CGA is working on publicity to attract more gardeners, but the fees (plot fee plus parking) makes Marymoor plots more expensive than other nearby gardens.  KC Parks may be able to help with "marketing" as well.
Outside grants could be pursued by using Friends of Marymoor Park as a non-profit agent to receive and disburse grant funds, until CGA gets 501c(3) status.
3) CIP updates
  • Raising the Entrance Sign - should be finished by Wednesday.  Sign will be repainted blue and beige to match the new park signs.  Flowers will be planted around the sign.
  • Recreation & Event Area - Cirque du Soleil is currently installing their tents, etc.  Some small work around the edges of the event pad still needs to be done, and that will be done this summer.
  • Velodrome Restroom - finished except for the locks; will open once that's done.  A vender contract is being worked on with Blazing Bagels to go into the concession stand in that building.
  • All-weather soccer fields - construction has started, and is currently ahead of schedule.  Sand is being reclaimed from the old fields and is being stockpiled east of the Interpretive Lot.  It will all be off-site by September.  Fields should be complete by September 1.
  • New utility shop - on schedule, with opening scheduled by July 1
  • Ruff House dog washing facility - delayed by permitting.  Construction may begin this summer.
4) Concert Series Line-up
Line-up announced yesterday: see  All concerts will be quiet by 10:00 p.m. There are two two-day shows - Widespread Panic (July 14-15) and String Cheese Incident (August 1-2).  There will be camping available in lots 7-8-9 by prepurchase only for those weekends.  The concert fencing is going up now, and will remain up throughout the concert series.
5) Events update
New events - Greek Festival, August 12th - tentative
                 - Sports team special event, September 23, at the new soccer fields, with a concert to follow - tentative
6) Row Club Facility update
The SRA has finished the first phase of permitting and can proceed to the building permit.  They are going to bring utilities to the site as soon as permitting allows, hoping to raise money over the next year for the building itself.
7) Other
Bobbi Wallace is leaving King County Parks effective May 8th, moving to the City of Kirkland.
Ospreys appear to have chosen the new nest platform in preference to the decommissioned cell tower that they have nested on in previous years.


Next meeting, Wednesday, May 24th.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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