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January 24th, 2007 Meeting Summary

-- see also the November 15, 2006 meeting summary

1. Attendance

Norah Gaynor (KC Parks), Jack MacKinnon & Christina Merten (MCGA), Jim Rettig (ELWAS), and Michael Hobbs (FOMP Secretary), Dave Schuelke from Eastside Lacrosse (boys lacrosse).

2. ELWAS Bird Loop – Jim Rettig

East Lake Washington Audubon Society (ELWAS) received a sizable grant from King County to enhance the current “Interpretive Trail”. They have a 2-year work plan (completion July 2008), followed by an on-going maintenance agreement. This plan was approved today by KC Parks.

The plans include:

  • An informational kiosk at the Interpretive Lot that can show bird lists, maps, information, etc. There will be a bike rack and waste receptacle.
  • Bridges and boardwalk will be repaired. Up to 300 feet of new boardwalk will be built to extend the west end over trail which currently floods annually.
  • A gate will be built at the lower east entrance to the Dog Park.
  • New interpretive signs will be built and installed. Trail markers will be installed.
  • A new trail will be built around the east edge of the East Meadow. An old trail running approximately east-west south of the Dog Area will be opened up.
  • Invasive species removal (has already begun) with special focus on blackberries, Scott’s Broom, and Reed-Canary Grass, replacing these with native plants.
  • ELWAS is working on getting the entire East Meadow designated as part of the Marymoor Conservation Area.

Long-term plans, dependent on future grants, would include a river viewing platform, two more kiosks, raising the boardwalk, adding interpretive signs along the river, and additional trail work.

3. Project Updates:

  • Sammamish River Trail Connection

Options suggested by Marymoor staff included widening the road, or running the trail along SR-520, but the preferred options from the trail team are:

  • A “middle route” parallel the north side of the road
  • A “southern route” that would run along Snag Row

The trail would be 12-foot paved with 2-foot unpaved paths on each side. Norah will try to get conceptual drawings to us as soon as possible so FOMP members can give feedback that can provide feedback to the  planners.

  • Baseball field #1 Artificial Turf

Construction is underway and should be done before March 1. There are still a few lingering work items on the soccer fields, but they are basically done. The baseball infields will be FieldTurf (SprintTurf was used on the soccer fields).

  • Dog Wash – permitted, but looking for a contractor, so construction will be delayed.
  • Tree Replacement Plan

A large number of large trees have been acquired for planting in the Historic District – firs and cedars east of the Art Barn. These are replacements (at a 3:1 ratio) for the trees removed recently. More trees, including maples and oaks are for replacement of trees lost in the recent storms. Trees will be planted February 11th. The first batch of trees comprises 3 Western Red Cedars, 5 Doug Firs, 3 Big-leaf Maples, 3 Frasier Firs, with 2 Gary Oaks on order.

This is phase 1-a of a tree planting plan. Phase 1-b will deal with the cherries in the median of Marymoor Way. Norah will be working on future plans for additional phases.

  • Directional Signage to Marymoor – new signs have been put up on SR-520 eastbound and westbound.
  • Pet Garden – Much work still needs to be done on installation of pavers. Norah is working on it.

4. MacNair Irrigation

Norah is finding money to get irrigation installed on the MacNair fields, (the large grass fields north of the Community Gardens). This will allow night irrigation (which evaporates less), and will reduce labor costs of the current hose-reel system. The hose reels may move to Field 5 (east of the climbing rock), which would add irrigation to that location.

5. Invasive/Noxious weed removal – ruminant method.

“Rent-a-ruminant” will be making a presentation on the use of goats to eat blackberries etc. Norah is thinking of trying them on a storm water pond near the east entrance baseball fields, and based on success, she’ll considering using them elsewhere.

6. Service Signs at Entry

Norah is interested in putting two large signs modeled on the blue signs on freeways directing you to roadside services (one sign at each entrance). These would serve as the “advertising” for Subway, Blazing Bagels, etc. The number of signs inside the park would be dramatically reduced to just one or two signs needed for directional purposes. Christina raised issues about the wording at the top of the sign – Norah’s proposal was “MARYMOOR PARK / SERVICES AVAILABLE” - Dave suggested maybe using two different fonts for the top line and the bottom line to suggest the services are not provided by KC Parks. – Or maybe just say “SERVICES AVAILABLE”.

7. Parks Task Force report – Michael

Michael is a member of the Parks Futures Task Force, which will send recommendations to the King County Council in March on how to fund King County Parks when the current levy expires.  There have been three meetings so far, with three more planned.  Currently, the Task Force seems to be favoring a new levy to fund operations, along with the recommendation that the levy rate be high enough to return the Parks Department to pre-2003 levels of maintenance, rather than the unsustainable levels currently in practice.  The Task Force is also considering how to deal with projected shortfalls in Capital Improvement funds.  A bond-issue is a possibility, with much of the money going to the regional trail system.

8. Event Update / Recap

January 6th volunteer clean-up day was VERY successful, with 28 dump-truck loads of debris removed. The clean-up scheduled for Jan. 13th was cancelled due to snow.

Current scheduled and proposed events are on the Events page

9. Adult Softball Field-Use Fee – Norah

KC Parks is reducing the adult softball use fee from $55/hour to $45/hour to try to attract more adult teams which will provide more consistent usage of the fields (especially at locations other than Marymoor).

Next meeting, February 28, 2007.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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