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September 26th, 2007 Meeting Summary

-- see also the June 27, 2007 meeting summary

In attendance: Herb Bone (MAR/C), Barbara Dickson (neighbor), Anne Lipe (King County Parks), Jack MacKinnon & Sheila Cameron (Marymoor Community Gardens), Steve Isaac (Sammamish Rowing Association), Michael Hobbs (East Lake Washington Audubon Society)

Sammamish Row Club Facility– Steve Isaac, pres -

During the permitting process, a redelineation of the wetlands was conducted. It was discovered that the proposed building site was encroaching on the wetlands, so alternative sites are being considered. One possibility is the meadow on the north side of the path, utilizing a wooden bridge to connect the boathouse to the dock. The second possibility would be west of the existing boathouse - a bit further from the river than the existing, and on higher ground. If the north site is chosen, a new path/road would be built from the north lot to the building (the existing path would remain unchanged).

Michael expressed support for the change, as well as a preference for a location north of the path. Steve hopes that the new site south of the path will be the acceptable, because it is more compatible with the preliminary work. Their preferred site would be pretty much directly inland and in-line with the existing boathouse.

Wetland delineation work was being conducted today. A revised site choice will me made as soon as possible, and the permitting process will then continue as fast as practical.

Marymoor Velodrome Building

Harley Sheffield called Anne with an update. Some electrical work has already begun, but actual construction will be starting shortly. Construction is scheduled to last 13 weeks plus rain delays, and will hopefully be completed by/in January.

Barbara mentioned that last Saturday's velodrome event was too loud, echoing an email complaint received from another neighbor.

Brian Vander Stoep will be replacing Harley Sheffield at the Marymoor Velodrome Association.

Marymoor Community Gardener’s Association  – Jack MacKinnon & Sheila Cameron

The Food Bank plot program is going very, very well. Jack will be providing a full report next month.

There was some discussion of the attempts to get tax-exempt status for the Marymoor Community Gardener's Association. They have been rebuffed once, and they are working on their second filing. They have a difficulty in that they handle all of the money from all of the gardeners, which makes MCGA *look* for-profit. If anyone has legal expertise in this area, they'd love assistance.

Sheila reported that a couple of dozen old plots were rehabilitated this year and most of those were rented out. The garden association is growing.

Wash Spot dog wash facility– Anne Lipe

The building is half-complete; plumbing work is ongoing. Anne brought some sign proposals. One sign would be on the east end of the building - a 6'x4' (or maybe 6'x5') sign. A second sign would be along side the parking lot. Additionally, one parking space will be marked as a load/unload zone only. The proposed signs feature a blue dog partly hidden by light blue bubbles, with WASH SPOT written underneath in orange and green. The background would be white.

Opening is scheduled for mid-October.

Sheila raised a hypothetical concern that the dog wash and the gardens share a water main and that the capacity might be insufficient to service both at peak times. Anne believed that there shouldn't be a problem, but she said she'd check.

Marymoor Connector Trail– Anne

Anne brought a new set of drawings for the trail, but Herb says they show no improvement in terms of giving sufficient berth around the model airplane field over the drawings presented last month. Anne said that MAR/C will be invited to in early October to discuss routing.

Pet Memorial Garden progress – Anne

Work is on-going to actually finish construction of the PMG. Anne brought some photos of the work.

Sheila reported problems with dogs going into the PMG and going from there into the Community Gardens. Off-leash dogs cause havoc in the Community Gardens. She requested some kind of fencing to block a couple of openings that exist between the off-leash dog area and the PMG. The gate from the off-leash area to the PMG also needs to be replaced. Perhaps more signs stating that pets must be on-leash in the PMG would also be useful.

Marymoor Bird Loop – Michael Hobbs

Two kiosks are under construction, one at each of the two dog-area parking lots.  They will have displays showing the various birding trails, as well as bird lists and posters showing birds that can be found along the trail.   Some of the posters will be seasonally replaced, so that winter birds will be shown in winter and summer birds in summer, etc.

East Lake Washington Audubon Society has been having frequent work parties as they begin work rehabilitating the East Meadow and the old Interpretive Trail.  Last week they had more than 60 volunteers, including many from Microsoft. They pulled a ton of Scott's Broom out of the meadow, and planted a row of shrubs along the east edge of the dog area.

Summer Events Completed – Anne

Anne passed around some photos of events held at the park this summer. Anne reported eleven major events plus about a dozen concerts. The event season is done except for one Reflexology Celebration event.

Barbara reported that she continues to hear noise from concerts, and one or two of the other events this summer were also loud.

Fall Soccer - Anne

A couple of thousand kids are at the park every Saturday, and Sunday games will be starting. Anne just wanted to mention that the park is still very active. Baseball and softball fields close October 1.

 Next meeting, October 24, 2007.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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