Friends of Marymoor Park

July 23rd, 2008 Meeting Summary

-- see also the June 25, 2008 meeting summary

In attendance:  Norah Gaynor, King County Parks; Herb Bone, Marymoor R/C Club, Christina Merten & Jack MacKinnon, Marymoor Community Gardeners Association; Barbara Dickson, neighbor

Marymoor Map: 

  •  Norah has not heard from Frana.  Current status is not known.

Marymoor Connector Trail

  • Swathe has been cut through park already.  They are ahead of schedule, and are hoping to be paving during August
  • Mitigation (i.e. for trees that have been removed) will be combined with mitigation for the ballfields project, enhancing the river vegetation in the northwest corner of the park.
  • R/C field realignment is complete, including banners and sighting poles.  Sprinkler system has been debugged and is now working.  Some areas will need more grass seeds to cover bare spots, but otherwise things are complete.

Ballfields 1& 2 Multi-use Project

  • Work started last Monday.  Construction scheduled to be completed by January 2009
  • Barbara reported that she had heard of environmental concerns raised in relation to a field conversion in Bainbridge Island, and asked if

Clise Electrical

  • Fixtures have been delivered and are being installed this week.  The fixtures do not mimic period hardware, but are modern, low-profile, energy efficient ones that use compact fluorescents.

Pet Garden

  • Black mesh fencing will be installed along the south edge to keep dogs in the off-leash area
  • Gates will be installed at both the south and north end of the west wall, which will keep dogs who visit the Pet Garden out of the Community Gardens
  • Norah asked if the MCGA would be willing to plant something to climb the trellis at the entrance to the Pet Garden.  Jack said he'd talk with Michelle.
  • Kiosk information needs to be developed and posted.  Jack mentioned that he though he saw someone spread ashes on the lawn in the Pet Garden.  The kiosk should clearly state such actions are prohibited.
  • Information brochures will be distributed to local veterinarians


  • Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd. 
  • The trail around the east edge of the East Meadow has been mowed.
  • Materials and supplies for extending the boardwalk will be barged from Marymoor West on August 1st to the northwest end of the boardwalk.
  • Kiosk at the Interpretive Lot has display boards installed with information


  • Norah says that the Corps of Engineers will be cutting (or has cut) the willows along the slough downstream of the weir.
    • Barbara Dickson said she'd been told that that area would not be cleared anymore - something to do with regional storm-water quality
    • Michael asked if both sides of the slough were to be cleared.  He remembered something about a plan in which alternating sides of the slough would be cleared on different years.
    • FOLLOW-UP: The area was mowed prior to the meeting.  It appears that only the east side of the slough was mowed.  Timing was unfortunate, as birds were still nesting in the mowed area.
  • Barbara stated objections to the on-going scheduling of concerts at the park.  New concerts have been added to the schedule throughout the summer.  This makes it impossible for the neighbors to plan parties, etc., at their homes without the risk of conflicting with a newly added concert.
  • Barbara also raised concerns about one concert which featured lyrics which were best suited for mature audiences.  Concerts at Marymoor are supposed to be suitable for families.  Parks has reiterated with the concert promoter that this rule is important and needs to be enforced.
  • Michael gave a bird update, relating successful nesting of Green Herons, Cooper's Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, Ospreys, etc.

Next meeting, Wednesday, August 27, 2008.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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