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March 25th, 2009 Meeting Summary

-- see also the February 25, 2009 meeting summary

1) Introductions: Greg Helland (FOMP President, SODA representative), Michael Hobbs (FOMP Secretary, Eastside Audubon representative), Herb Bone (FOMP Board, Marymoor R/C Club representative), Norah Gaynor (King County Parks), Steve Isaac (Sammamish Rowing Association), Tony Andrews  (Sammamish Rowing Association), Barbara Dickson (neighbor), Jack MacKinnon (Marymoor Gardener's Association), Christina Merten  (FOMP Board, Marymoor Gardener's Association)

2) Sammamish Rowing Association New Boathouse

There is a hearing before a City of Redmond Hearing Examiner, Monday, April 6th, 7pm, with regard to the Shoreline and the Condition Use permits for the proposed replacement boathouse at Marymoor West.

Greg asked the question: Should FOMP attend the Hearing and make a statement, either for or against the project. Barbara and Michael noted that they would be present individually to comment. Michael reviewed notes from past FOMP meetings, and brought up previous meetings where differences of opinion were raised previously.

Focusing directly on the question Greg put forth, Michael expressed a dissatisfaction with the proposed siting of the boathouse. Greg expressed a feeling that FOMP has reviewed the project over the years, and that the proposal that SRA has made is the best possible. Greg expressed faith in the report from the wetlands biologists, and Michael maintained questions. Christina noted that since she works in a department of the State of Washington that will be involved in the shoreline permit, she has to recuse herself. Herb recalled past discussions. He noted that he does not have much knowledge beyond the information presented at FOMP meetings, but expressed that he was pretty comfortable with Greg's position.

The FOMP Board convened a special meeting at 8:00 pm. Michael moved that FOMP not take a position before the Hearing Examiner at the hearing on Monday, April 6, regarding the SRA boathouse. No second was given so the motion was lost. Greg moved that FOMP, in recognition of FOMP's historic position, support the SRA proposal. Herb seconded. Greg called for discussion. Michael argued that there have always been objections within FOMP, and therefore FOMP should not take a position. Herb noted that he recalled previously voiced objections, but he never felt that there had been concensus against the project. Greg called for a vote, and the motion passed with Greg and Herb voting FOR and Michael voting AGAINST.  Christina abstained.

Greg said he would attend the meeting and make comments consistent with the wording of the motion.

Board meeting adjourned at 8:10.

3) CIP/Project updates

  • Marymoor Connector Trail - final cleanup and touchup underway on "missing link" between the east edge of Marymoor Park and the East Lake Sammamish Trail. So the full trail connecting the Sammamish River Trail with the East Lake Sammamish Trail should be open in a week or two. An official Grand Opening event will be in May. Barbaba asked about the west end, with the large rocks. Norah mentioned that past notions of fencing replacing rocks, and/or planting trees in the area were nixed because of restrictions on digging in that area.
  • Ballfields 1-2 Multiuse Project - Final punch-list details being finished. The last big item are the dugout covers.
  • Pet Garden - still not finished... BUT - the fencing pieces have been delivered on-site and should be installed within the next month.
  • Birdloop - Boardwalk extension is 1/3 complete. The BirdLoop project is hoping to use the help of many Microsoft employees on Earth Day, April 22, to help complete the boardwalk.  Other groups which might want to arrange for Earth Day volunteers should contact Laurie Clinton
  •  Maintenance & Art Barn Roof Replacement - Recycled roof-tile product (fake shake look) has been approved by the Landmarks Commission.  Work is scheduled for July
  • Stage Seating Area - Conversion of the whole seating area to paving will not occur this year. (Might be reconsidered in another year). A new proposal for a 5 foot paved (asphalt or concrete) aisle down the middle of the area has been submitted. It would allow chair carts to be brought in. Greg proposed some kind of temporary flooring (aka the way basketball courts can be temporarily installed over ice rinks). Norah noted that she's looked for something like that, but hasn't found anything. The biggest issue is that the ground is uneven, and the joints between sections would need to be engineered to stay linked even when at different heights.  Pavers were also suggested, though Norah noted that installation and maintenance might be big issues with those. Balloon tires on the chair carts might be feasible and might be cheaper... Greg requested plans for the paved path proposal.
  • NE Marymoor Way - Patching will be done in late spring. 2-4 inches of overlay, from west entrance to the velodrome or Interpretive Lot (Lot G) will take place in July. Lane closures will be required during paving. Paving will probably be intermittent, as the project will be squeezed in between other, bigger projects.
  • Velodrome Lighting - There will be times when lights won't be available while the lamps are replaced with energy efficient low-glare lights. Work will begin about April 1, completed mid-May. 4)

4) Marymoor Map - Norah brought a final draft, which Herb confirmed corrected issues with the model airplane field. Norah said that 5000 copies will be printed in the next week or so.

5) Other: Jack asked Norah to request that Karl remove the small trees from the northeast corner of the garden, as the Community Gardens are fully booked, and they would like to be able to create as many plots as possible. They're also still waiting on the replacement sign for their parking lot. Norah said it's on order.

Next meeting, Wednesday, April 22, 2009

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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