Friends of Marymoor Park

October 28th, 2010 Meeting Summary

-- see also the September 22, 2010 meeting summary

  1. Introductions:

Anne Lipe (King County Parks), Jack MacKinnon (Marymoor Community Gardener's Association), Christina Merten (MCGA, FOMP Board), Michael Hobbs (Eastside Audubon, FOMP Secretary)

2.     Park Tree Inventory and Plan - Field activities were completed by EarthCorps.  They inventoried a total of 3903 trees according to the preliminary count.  Once the field season is over, (January 2011), they will perform data analysis and will write their plan.  Ella has presented FOMP with an invoice for ~$8000 for work completed so far.

Greg moved that FOMP should pay the EarthCorps bill, Christina seconded, and the measure passed unanimously.

Greg will try to get Ella back to a FOMP meeting in February. 

Christina has been in contact with a landscape architect, looking for likely tree species to plant in the Historic District.

3.   Nomination of Marymoor Park as a site on the Puget Loop birding trail map - Audubon Washington is completing the 7th and final loop that together comprise The Great Washington State Birding Trail.  The Puget loop will cover the greater Seattle area, Whidbey Island, the San Juans, part of Jefferson County, Kitsap County, and Pierce County including Mt. Rainier.  Eastside Audubon has nominated Marymoor Park to be one of the listed sites on the Puget Loop. 

Marymoor is, in many ways, an ideal site for the map, especially after the projects completed by Eastside Audubon to provide kiosks, signs, and trails for birders.  A listing on the Birding Trail map would likely draw birdwatchers to the park, including many from out of state.   A sign would be installed to designate the Birding Trail site.  King County Parks would have to grant permission for Marymoor to be listed on the map.

4.   CIP / Project Updates:

a.      Electric meter at Wash Spot:  An electric meter has been installed at Wash Spot to allow better billing for electrical usage of the facility.  It will be in service soon.

b.      Extended Drainage Pipe in Lot D:  An extended drainage pipe was being installed in Lot D to better drain the area next to the paved entrance to the lot.  Grading of Lot D and Lot G will occur as soon as the rains let up and they dry a bit - probably in early November.

c.      Topping Urban Forest Habitat Trees:  Snags in snag row are falling down.  The most recent one that fell was near the east end of snag row, and it fell across one of the paths connecting Lot G with fields 7-8-9.  A second snag was pushed over by the county crew attending to the first.  The County is concerned about the possibility of injury, and they are planning to shorten some/most of the snags.  Greg argued for keeping snags as tall as possible.

d.      County brush cutting along river in Marymoor West:  Brush cutting along the west edge of the slough, as required by the Corps of Engineers, as been completed.  Rather than hauling the brush out, brush piles have been left as habitat.

e.      Garden Loosestrife Control Project:  Spraying is completed for the year. Sprayed plants are dead and brown.  The site will be monitored next year to evaluate the efficacy of this year's spraying

f.      Community Gardens Projects:  MCGA planted shrubs to block the openings in the wall of the Pet Memorial Garden, though there is still an open gap at the southern end of the wall. 

MCGA held their fall clean-up on October 23.

As of the week of the FOMP meeting, the Community Gardens had donated 5700 lbs. plus of produce for HopeLink.  These fresh vegetables were  grown in the HopeLink plot at the garden, and by tenants who participated in the Grow-A-Row project, growing a row of vegetables for HopeLink.  Especially in these hard economic times, this huge donation has been a big help.

g.      Boathouse Project Update Phase 1 work (utilities and grading) has been mostly completed.  Access is again open along the original path down to the boathouse.  The temporary trail on the north edge of the project has been closed while they do habitat mitigation work in that area.  The next phase will involve a large pipe replacement and other work associated with the widening of West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  SRA is actively fundraising to try to pay for fu\ture phases of construction.

h.   Safety light at Soccer Fields 1-4 - the safety light that was installed last year has been acting wonky (switching itself off inappropriately).  Valley Electric will work on during the first week of November.

i.    Gutter maintenance and tree limbing scheduled for the first week of November, along with ongoing "falling leaf maintenance"

5.   Events: 

  • Saturday, November 6. Final SODA work party of the year, focusing on trail resurfacing

  • Lake Washington Youth Soccer - playoffs occurring now - season ends November 14

6.       Other:

  • Anne mentioned that revenue from parking, including passes, meters, and fines, is up by 32% over 2009, providing desperately needed revenue to the park.  This illustrates the effectiveness of enforcement.

 Next Meeting:  THURSDAY November 18, 2010, 7:00 9:00pm. Marymoor Art Barn.  

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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