Friends of Marymoor Park

August 25th, 2011 Meeting Summary

-- see also the July 28, 2011 meeting summary


  1. Welcome and Introductions - Norah Gaynor, King County Parks; Herb Bone, FOMP board, MAR/C; Greg Helland, FOMP President, SODA; Christina Merten, FOMP board, MCGA

  2. Day of Caring Tree Planting Projects - FOMP Priorities?

    • Scheduled for Friday, September 16th

    • Approximately 35 Volunteers expected

    • Two other groups have expressed an interest in tree planting projects d. Norah is interested in directing efforts towards the historic area and the entrance area e. Christina volunteered to review the EarthCorps report and develop direction and guidance for planting projects. The results will be discussed at the next FOMP meeting, and priorities will be identified.

  3. Concessions – New food (Indian inspired) concession near Velodrome tomorrow or Saturday a. Opening was slightly delayed due as a result of the space renovations.

  4. CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

    • Birdloop – Some GPS done to map field and trail. No resolution yet.

      i. Trail on east side of meadow encroaches on safety zone for the RC field.

      ii. Board agreed that the trail needs to be moved outside the safety zone. Since the trail only exists because of mowing, it may be appropriate to stop mowing and allow the trail to disappear.

    • Garden Loosestrife Control Project – Survey of treated area was done a couple of weeks ago. Additional test plots in the works as part of UW study with Noxious Weeds personnel. Next round of spraying test area starts next week.

    •  Initial survey does not indicate any apparent reduction in numbers of the invasive plant.

    • Community Garden – Compost/mulch bins will be installed in next few weeks.

    • Boathouse Project – No news.

    • East Lake Sammamish Trail – Redmond section closed. Construction on parking lot and trail in progress.

    • Interpretive Lot (Lot G) Improvements – No news.

    • Paved Path Improvements – grounds crew will pack soil on shoulders and seed to reduce “curb” effect some areas have now.

    • North Playground – Improvements scheduled for late September 2011. Some updates/ repairs to existing. Possible addition of tot section and adult fitness equipment if funds allow. Improved accessibility. Design draft should be available for review soon. I will send out via email.


  5. Other

    The regular meeting date was changed to accommodate Christina’s class schedule. The class has finished. The revised date also presents a regular conflict for Herb. It was agreed to move the regular meeting date back to the original schedule: 4th Wednesday of each month.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 7 PM, Art Barn.

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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