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February 22nd, 2012 Meeting Summary

-- see also the January 25, 2012  meeting summary 

1.    Welcome and Introductions:  Greg Helland FOMP President and SODA representative; Norah Gaynor King County; Christina Merten FOMP Board member and MCGA;  Sam Skenandore   President, MCGA; Jack McKinnon   MCGA; Michael Hobbs FOMP Secretary and Eastside Audubon; Glenn Eades Eastside Audubon;

2.   Marymoor Community Gardens Update:

Sam gave an update on the MGCA.  The gardens are completely rented out. Heavy use has caused wear and tear on gardens, and one area they'd like to address is the condition of the paths. They'd like to improve the paths. Sam has been in contact with T.J., and MCGA may be in line for a small grant

They'd like to do gravel paths, but the best kind are not considered permeable. After talking with SODA, they are now proposing using Hogs Fuel, as is used in the Dog Area. The main east-west paths are of most concern. These paths are 372' x 6'; the north-south paths are shorter.  Sam estimates they'll need 92 yards of hogs fuel 8" deep. Cost would be ~$1500. To protect against mole damage of the paths, he had looked into galvanized mesh to go at the bottom:  cost about $1050. There would also need to be a weed barrier.  And they want 4"x4" cedar edging on the paths.  All told, a little under $8000 total, for materials. Sod would be removed first.

Greg questioned the need for sod removal, citing the dog area paths that were built without it. But there were concerns about the grass underneath either coming up through the hogs fuel, or decomposing and settling badly. There's also the issue of the grade of the trail versus the grade of the gardens - they'd like the path to be closer to the plot grade. To eliminate weeds, and also to work on grade issues, there would need to be additional excavation. Norah would have to ask about archeological issues. Care would be necessary to avoid pipes, though the existence of the buried pipes is yet another argument again a need for archeological preservation is moot due to prior excavation.

Greg also questioned whether the mesh to deter moles is necessary. There are some small issues with moles under dog area, but whether the reduced future maintenance is worth the upfront cost of $2100??? Excavation would require environmental evaluation

Greg suggested recycled plastic beams instead of wood. Sam thought that neither treated wood nor plastic would be acceptable to MCGA members, who are very concerned about pristine garden conditions for growing organically. Michael asked, with incredulity, whether MCGA members would really be happier with non-sustainably harvested cedar 4"x4"s instead of recycled product milk jugs and/or recycled soda bottles???

Greg offered that FOMP might be able to grant MGCA some money for this project, but nowhere near the full $8000 cost. MGCA would need to apply to FOMP as for any other grant, with a proposal, plans, costs, etc. FOMP can act quickly on such a grant request.

In previous years, FOMP has granted money to MGCA for help with the food bank plots.  MGCA is now getting funding from HopeLink, and they also get material donations from Cedar Grove Composting.

3.    CIP/Project/Facility Updates:            Norah Gaynor, Parks

a.    Birdloop Flattening of dump piles. "Design" approved, so they will proceed when the weather improves a bit. Norah said they'd be willing to hydroseed using a wildflower seed mix provided my EAS. This is considered to be an significant improvement over current conditions, if not the best possible solution.

b.    Garden Loosestrife Control Project  - Spraying done early September. Inventory in spring.

c.    Boathouse project  -  Foundation is in, and steel framing girders are being installed.

d.    East Lake Sammamish Trail

Bid opening rescheduled to Feb. 21, 2012.  March "Notice to Proceed" date expected, with construction beginning in April.  This is for the Issaquah portion of the trail.  Design for the North Sammamish portion, running south from 187th Ave., started in January.  Sixty percent design documents anticipated for October, 2012.

The Burke-Gilman Trail reopened February 10.  We're not too many years out from having a continuous paved trail, in good condition, from Ballard to Issaquah...

e.    North playground Improvements scheduled for Winter 2012. Some updates/repairs to existing. Possible addition of tot- section and adult fitness equipment if funds allow. Improved accessibility.

4.  Other

  • Christina agreed to prepare and send in a grant request from FOMP for a Wild Spaces grant to help pay for the preparatory work associated with tree planting around the Historic District.  Significant costs are for archeological assessment of desired planting areas, preparation of a tree plan, and removal of invasive non-native plants.  The grant request is due February 29.  Greg and Norah agreed to help with the grant prep.  Thanks everyone.  Let's hope we get a grant.

  • Eastside Audubon hopes to utilize many COMCAST volunteers during their April 21st work party.

Next Meeting: Wednesday March 28, 2012, 7pm Marymoor Art Barn

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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