Friends of Marymoor Park

April 25th, 2012 Meeting Summary

-- see also the March 28, 2012  meeting summary 

1.    Welcome and Introductions: 

Greg Helland FOMP President and SODA representative; Norah Gaynor King County; Sam Skenandore Marymoor Community Gardeners Association;  Jack McKinnon   MCGA; Michael Hobbs FOMP Secretary and Eastside Audubon; Herb Bone FOMP Board and MAR/C

2.  CIP/Project/Facility Updates:  Norah Gaynor

a) Reconfiguration of dirt piles near Lot G:  Dump pile reconfiguration started, but may be frequently interrupted by rain. Norah believes there is a boy scout who will do the split-rail fence once reconfiguration is done. Eastside Audubon will supply a seed mix of grass/wildflowers to be used on the dump pile ramp. Half will be hydro-seeded this spring, the other half in the fall. Cleaner dirt has been set aside to spread over the pile, with the idea that weed seeds will be buried under the clean top dressing.

b) Community Gardens:  Food bank plot will be getting going this weekend by MCGA. Tomatoes are going to be planted along the wall for the Pet Memorial Garden. They'll be doing a lot of invasive plant removal (i.e. buttercups) MCGA will be making a 20' demonstration flower garden between the Dog Area and the Pea Patch along the south edge of Pea Patch road. That will also be going in this weekend.

MCGA also expressed concern about portapotty use by non-gardeners. They're asking for a 2nd portapotty. Norah says Parks can provide a 2nd one, at least during the warm weather months. MCGA might be able to provide some money for it, but Norah said Parks will cover it at least for now.

c) Boathouse Project: 2nd floor has been installed, and outer walls are being roughed in.  See  The old, broken chain-link fence along West Lake Sammamish Parkway will be removed in the next couple of weeks.  There is no reason for the fencing to remain, and Redmond Police have asked that it be removed to allow better visibility of activity in the parking lot.  This might cut down on car break-ins.  Some bollards with reflectors may go in at several points to delineate road edge and entrances.  Previously, Barbara Dickson has complained about headlights from cars exiting the parking lot shining into the neighborhood.  Norah said she may consider a tiny bit of hedging of this problem continues, but nothing that would prevent visibility into the parking lot area.

d) Lot G Improvements:  Lot G and Lot D, have also experienced several car break-ins. These are happening during the day, and are usually smash-and-dash. They'll break a window and take things.  To help maintain visibility of cars, some blackberries have been removed from the Snag Row area along the north edge of Lot G.

e) North Playground Upgrades: North Playground improvements delayed because of funding complications, but it might begin in May. Should only take 2-3 weeks for construction.

3) Other
  •     Parks 5K May 20th. Pea Patch road closed in the morning. Kid's music band will be playing. Everyone must be cleared out from mansion area by early afternoon for a wedding.
  •     KC Parks will have a public meeting jointly with City of Redmond, probably sometime in late May, to allow neighbors and park users to learn about summer events and to express concerns to both Parks and the city about impacts of the events. This is a forum for expressing noise/traffic and other complaints.

Next Meeting: Wednesday May 23, 2012, 7pm Marymoor Art Barn

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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