Friends of Marymoor Park

Combined April 22, 2015 and May 27, 2015 Meeting Summaries

-- see also the March, 2015  meeting summary 

1) Introductions:   Norah Robinson, King County Parks; Greg Helland, FOMP President, SODA representative; Michael Hobbs, Eastside Audubon, FOMP Secretary; Herb Bone, Marymoor R/C Club, FOMP Board (April only); Ollie Oliver, birdwatcher and neighbor (April only); Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon Society (May only).

2) New employee position:  The position, that Norah believed was all settled back in March, was under review in April and May.  The job responsibilities may be adjusted somewhat to comply with Parks rules and union rules.  In the mean time, Norah is moving forward to fill Anne Lipe's position, now that Anne has retired.

3) CIP/Project/Facilities Updates:

a) Miscellaneous maintenance work: 

Nets for Soccer 1-4 replaced.  South Picnic Shelter being reworked to fix shifting concrete pads.  Concert venue is being readied for the series; work is needed to provide for safety barriers.

b) Birdloop - No progress at this time, though the repaving the trail, and installation of irrigation at the Viewing Mound are in the 2015-16 capital budget.

c) Community Gardens – FOMP Grant of $1000 sent to MCGA by check.  The grant will allow replacement of five aging (and irreparable) wheel-barrows, some worn-out coolers (keeps the produce fresh between deliveries), and will help defray the cost of amendments to the soil used to increase its fertility and bounty.

d) Sammamish Rowing Association Boathouse - Michael requested that SRA keep the area south of the new boathouse free of junk so the birdwatchers can walk the fence and view the wetland.  Norah said she would contact them.

e) East Lake Sammamish Trail construction - The North Sammamish section of the trail has been paved and is opened.  This means you can go from Marymoor south to at least the Sammamish Landing Park.

f) Park Drainage – Lot B -  A meeting was held on the Monday, June 1st, at which Michael described in more detail his vision for resculpting the gravel that was spread over the grass parking lot following the Cavalia shows.   A seasonal wetland was covered up by gravel.  The hope now is to increase the drainage slope of the west side of the parking lot so that rain water will drain to the north side, where there is room to scrape/mow an area just north of the parking lot to accept the water.  This will hopefully replace the destroyed wetland.  Similar regrading on the eastern portion of the lot could allow better drainage by diverting run-off to a designated area east of the lot.  It's possible that a low area could be constructed in the southeast corner that would collect run-off from the parking lot, as well as draining the soccer fields better in that area.  Once some design work is completed, grading would take a couple of weeks.

g)  Sammamish River Transition Zone – The County/consultant team have wrapped up their work on the alternatives analysis report.  County staff are meeting with various municipalities, tribes, and regulatory agencies to discuss the alternatives in-depth. These meetings and discussions will help to guide the County in the selection of a preferred alternative for the project. The meetings will likely extend through May and into June.  King County is also going through an in-depth internal engineering/technical review to take another look at the details of each alternative. This will also help to inform the preferred alternative decision. After all of the meetings and analysis have been completed, there will be a final SAC meeting – likely late June or early July. 

h) Clise Mansion - Puttying of windows proceeding.  Kitchen target is fall.  Heat pump replacement new priority.  Looking into grants for new pumps – trying for efficiency improvements.

i) Concert Venue – Stage roof renovation complete. The new roof cover has been installed. First concert June 14. Norah will get me a schedule for when the restroom will be and won’t be accessible.

j) Parkour Course - A redesign is in the works, to try and make a less expensive version, since they did not receive CPG money at the level they were asking for.  Possibly moving from concrete to wood. 

4) Community Festival - CHOMP has been scheduled for September 9th/10th (Saturday/Sunday).

Next Meeting: Tentatively set for July 22, 2015, at the Art Barn,
BUT DATE LIKELY TO CHANGE TO THE 15th, 21st, 23rd, or 29th!

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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