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January 22, 2020 Meeting Summary

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  1. Welcome and Introductions. Attendees: Norah Robinson, King County Parks; Michael Hobbs, FOMP Secretary, webmaster; Laura Hall, Marymoor Community Gardeners Association, FOMP Board; Kelly Foley Kruse, King County Wastewater Treatment Division; Natasha Kacoroski, Eastside Audubon (EAS); Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon, neighbor; Amy Dunn, AEG Presents; Micah Truman, MAR/C; David ___ (actual park user)

  2. Lake Hills / NW Lake Sammamish Sewer Upgrade
    This is an upgrade of 4.5 miles of sewer pipes in Redmond to provide service for 50+ years.  The sewer line eventually leads to the Brightwater Treatment Plant.  But this project only covers the southernmost 4.5 miles of the regional line, which ends at the Bellevue city line.
    As such, it passes along the west edge of Marymoor Park.  The new alignment mostly follows the existing alignment, though there is a small section where the existing line runs along the river, and it will be shifted west to the trail along the east edge of West Lake Sammamish like the rest.
    Construction to start mid-2021 (bid early 2021).  3 year construction duration.
    For the most part, the new line will be installed next to the existing pipe.  Later the existing pipe will be decommissioned, but usually not removed.
    For the most part, the new pipe will be installed by trenching.  However, where the line passes under the Sammamish River, and where it passes under Marymoor Way at the west entrance to the park, they will use trenchless tunneling to install the line.
    Work will be during normal daylight hours; Redmond will dictate available construction times.  Construction will be year-round, but certain stretches will probably have to be done during the dry season.  This is especially likely along the Sammamish River.   Some temporary road closures will be required.  Lane closures, reduced speed limits, and congestion are expected.  Neighbors have been notified.
    A 35’ x 40’ wide strip will need to be cleared in order to install the piping.  (Small) trees will be planted to replace those cut, at ratios determined by the various jurisdictions.
    Michael asked whether tunneling just south of Marymoor Way will allow some of the trees just SE of the intersection to be saved.  Kelly said she’d ask about that.
    Natasha asked whether cottonwoods that are removed would be replaced by new cottonwoods, or different species.  Changes in species change the habitat for birds and animals.  Natasha and Norah expressed interest in seeing the planting plan, at least for Segment 3 (which runs past the park).
    Sammamish River Trail – for a lot of this project, the pipe will be installed under the trail.  This means there will be significant trail closures, due to limited space and access points.  So off-site detour routes are being defined; some of them are very lengthy.  Laura asked to make sure there are trail signs informing them of future closures.
    Trail detours:  The worst is that pedestrians will not have a route between Marymoor Way and Leary Way for as much as a year.  The “detour” for pedestrians would be about 6 times larger, running all the way through Marymoor to the East Lake Sammamish Trail, then northwest to connect to the trail along Bear Creek Parkway.  However, there will be sidewalk work done along the north edge of Marymoor Way from WLSP to the Marymoor Connector Trail.  Natasha requested a safe crosswalk from the north side of the road to the mansion area.  Kelley and Norah both mentioned that a lot of the necessary improvements would be the responsibility of Parks.
    Norah asked about the possibility of a pedestrian shuttle.  Or a Metro bus route?
    Michael suggested using the trail that runs north of Marymoor Way on the east side of the Sammamish River, with a Bailey Bridge over Bear Creek – BUT that route will be used by Sound Transit for construction of the ST line to Redmond during the same time period.
    Michael asked about the entrance to Marymoor West and the Sammamish Rowing Association.  Kelly said they have coordinated with SRA to try to minimize disruption.  Michael is worried that in terms of maintaining a connection between the north and south sections of the parking lot; a new connection may require removal of a couple of large Doug Firs in the parking lot area.  The new “boy scout” shelter might conceivably also be impacted.

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  3. CIP/Project/Facilities Updates:
    • Birdloop – Eastside Audubon – 2019:  1000+ volunteer hours!  Working with Dave Hennings on some restoration sites for 2020.  They have a project to do increased nest box monitoring, including a comparison of human-monitoring and machine monitoring.  Laura expressed interesting in bird boxes for the Pea Patch, and also specifically asked for an owl box.   WRT the new monitoring boxes, Natasha asked if Pea Patch people might be interested in helping with the monitoring.
    • Community Gardens – Cost per plot increased for 2020.  Laura expects full enrollment.
    • MAR/C – Michael mentioned that there seemed to be tools and/or stuff (garbage cans) left under the newly moved west sign.
    • Maintenance Items –  Trees with ribbons getting check-up by an arborist.  Three trees will be planted in the west lawn in February.   Shop yard fencing back on agenda; it’s previously been improved by Landmarks.  So both for esthetics and security, the fence is likely to go forward.
    • Sound Transit –
      • Osprey nest move probably will happen in February. Two nearby trees will have some seemingly strange pruning in order to provide perch locations for the male.  If the new nest is not occupied in 3 years, it would be moved to just east of Lot B (the Cowboy lot).
      • ST tree replacement will be limited to along the rail corridor, not in the Historic District.  Natasha asked for details on the planting plans.
    • Cottage ADA entrance – COMPLETED
    • Marymoor West/Rowing Club – SRA wants parking lot lighting.  Power is already in place.  Michael asked for low-profile lighting; Glenn asked that the lights be on a timer and would be off for the night.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 26th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Art Barn

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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