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February 24, 2021 Meeting Summary

-- see also the February 26, 2020  meeting summary

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  1. Welcome and Introductions

    Norah Robinson
    , King County Parks; Greg Helland, SODA representative, FOMP President; Michael Hobbs, FOMP Secretary, webmaster; Glen Eades, Eastside Audubon, Bird Loop; Amy Dunn, AEG Presents; Micah Truman, Marymoor R/C Flight Club

  2. CIP/Project/Facilities Updates:
    • Birdloop King County, working with Eastside Audubon, is working to convert a portion of the East Meadow to native prairie.  Prairie lands are a declining habitat nationally, and in Washington.  This work would entail tarp-covering an area to kill existing plants (for at least a year), then an intensive planting and weeding.  Only a portion of the meadow would converted in the first round, which might be followed by additional expansion.  They will be starting with a rectangle at the NW corner of the East Meadow, just SE of the Kiosk.
    • Community Gardens
      • No current apiary; MCGA is trying to find suitable people to supply and tend a bee hive.
      • Starting probably in a year, MCGA will be requiring a deposit to guard against people leaving their plot a weedy mess when they quit the garden.
    • MAR/C New signs have been installed.   For dealing with COVID, masks are now required all the time for people in the MAR/C area.   Fencing and structure repair projects are being developed.
    • SODA - Original fencing from the weir project from over 20 years ago is failing.  SODA is teaming with KC to replace this fencing.  Work will be done March 1-10, and the river road/trail will be closed for this work.  This is limited to the northern section of the fencing; the northern dog beach will be close, and the river road closed from there to the north end of the Dog Area.
    • Maintenance Items   Michael has raised the issue of the circular split-rail fencing on the Viewing Mound.  When people lean on the fencing, the circle grows and the slats fall out.  Parks Maintenance will look into a solution.

  3. Sound Transit

    • Marymoor Stormwater Project -The Alternatives Analysis effort was completed in late 2020. Two options were presented to Parks Department and Division management including the Constructed Treatment Wetland Alternative north of the Cowboy Lot  (Constructed Wetland) and the Infiltrating Bioretention Channel and Rain Garden east of the Art Barn and Maintenance Barn (Rain Garden). The Constructed Wetland was ultimately not selected to move forward into design due to the high-risks associated with the alternative (permitting and cultural resources), which may have exceed the funding available for the improvements. The Rain Garden alternative will move forward into design. Additional improvements to the main east-west drainage channel in the vicinity of Lot K, including the replacement of the two culvert crossings at the parking lot entrances, will be added to the project to fully utilize available project funding and provide additional water quality benefit.

      Parks is currently underway securing a consultant for the design and construction management for the Project. Completion of the 30% level design is anticipated by the end of 2021 with construction expected in 2024.

      The Consultant will help evaluate opportunities to optimize the project schedule which may allow the Rain Garden to be constructed earlier due to its relative simplicity from a permitting perspective.

    • Marymoor Gateway Trail - Moving towards 30% design.

      Bringing a consultant on for electrical (lighting) design, and to design the watermain extension from the new service connection Sound Transit is installing for Parks at the NE corner of the Park.

      Construction Mid 2023

    • FYI For both of these projects we plan to check back in with the FOMP board between 30% and 60% design.

    • Wetland Mitigation Project - Scheduled for construction starting this summer (June/July 2021)

      Utility work in the boathouse road is taking place over a 1-2 week period. This work will take place at night (9:30pm-4:30am) and access to the boathouse will be maintained during non-work hours. During that 1-2 week period, the construction crew will be staging their equipment on the south side of the boathouse parking lot.

      Construction for the wetland mitigation site itself (south of the boathouse) will not impact use/parking for the boathouse.

  4.     Current Events
    • Lake Sammamish Half Marathon March 6. 7am-8am start from Recreation & Event Area, ELST to Issaquah
    • Movies Drive-in format to continue until COVID restrictions lifted. May do some spring dates.
    • Concerts No definite schedule yet.  Depends on COVID guidelines
    • Brewers Festival TBD
    • CHOMP! TBD

Next meeting will be a virtual meeting on Wednesday, March 24th, at 7:00 p.m.
Connection details will be in the forthcoming meeting announcement

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.

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