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June 23, 2021 Meeting Summary

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  1. Welcome and Introductions

    Norah Robinson
    , King County Parks; Greg Helland, SODA representative, FOMP President; Michael Hobbs, FOMP Secretary, webmaster; Laura Hall, FOMP Secretary, Marymoor Community Gardens Association; Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon

  2. CIP/Projects/Facilities Updates:
    • Eastside Audubon Birdloop – Work parties have been very small – just 4-5 people to keep things going.   Waiting to hear from Volunteer Coodinator Lena for how big a work party can  be hosted starting in July.  King County Parks is currently scheduling events (with social distancing) for up to 50 people.  The next EAS work group will be in August, and maybe things will be back to normal by then.  There are lots of eager volunteers waiting.

    • Community GardensSecurity lights are going to be installed soon, pending archeological review.  These will be solar-powered motion-sensing lights. Hopefully this will discourage the miscreants who have caused some vandalism recently.  Laura reported that problems with non-gardeners parking in the garden lot has decreased.  MCGA is looking for new apiarists to establish a bee hive at the park.  They are contemplating trying to install a solar powered cold box to keep vegetables in for the Food Bank.  They may ask for grant money for this in the future.  They have a HUGE waiting list for plots.

    • SODA – Off Leash Area – Lots of regular maintenance items are going on, using a smaller selection of volunteers than usual.

    • MAR/C Model Airplane FieldThey are seeking to replace a temporary canvas shelter that houses their charging stations with a bigger, more significant permanent shelter.  This appears to be pretty much a straight replacement in terms of size and general appearance to the canopy structure that is currently in place.  FOMP members had a little bit of concern regarding a slippery slope leading to more buildings south of Marymoor Way.  
    • Sound Transit –Archeological finds may push some of the replacement trees to other parts of Marymoor, instead of the bulk being within the Historic District.  There may also be some raised berms/beds to allow for tree planting without digging holes in the existing soil.  Tree replacement has been approved; changes will be minor and will not require additional review.  King County Parks is in charge of the project to build the pedestrian entry to the park from the Light Rail station.  Sound Transit is contributing funds.

    • New fencing on Ball Field 1Design has been developed for review.  The problem is that foul balls from Field 1 easily reach the playground to the ESE. They are looking to raise the fencing along the first base line from 9 feet to 20 feet, and to erect a net over the batting area at about a 28 foot height.

    • Marymoor Park Master Plan Update – There is a move from the new head of King County Parks to update the 1995 Marymoor Park Master Plan.  The plan, being 26 years old, is realistically due for a review.  Major projects are currently on hold awaiting the master plan update, though there may be some wiggle room.  However, upgrades to the Concert Stage, possible installation of lights around Lot B (the “Cowboy Lot”) and the McNair Activity Field, and plans for pedestrian pathways on the south side of Marymoor Way are currently in this limbo.  A complete plan would probably involve hiring an outside consultant, and 6-24 months to complete.

Next meeting Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.

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