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September 28, 2022 Meeting Summary

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      Thanks to Greg Helland for these notes.

             I.          Welcome and Introductions Greg Helland, Glenn Eades, Shane Berry, Brian Kelly, Shai Hinitz, Chris Jordon (KC Parks), Laura Hall

           II.          Professional Dog Walking Permit Allocation Update: - originally raised before FOMP around a year ago. Plan to issue 8 permits per year; same number as currently issued. Later, may extend the term beyond a year, which would benefit both vendors and KC Parks staff. There were as many as 18 vendors at one time, but that was excessive. No more than 10 dogs per vendor. Volunteer hours or impact fee payment to SODA remains in place for selected vendors.

          III.          Cricket Stadium Proposal Update: Bellevue and King County completing appraisal process for the Bellevue property. This represents one of many steps that would have to be completed to make the project viable. Chris Jordan reports no other progress in the evaluation process first described to FOMP several months ago. FOMP remains concerned. There is no support for the proposed stadium from the meeting attendees.

        IV.          CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

      a.     Eastside Audubon: Regular fall work parties resuming. A larger work party with additional volunteers is scheduled for Oct. Plan to address Scot’s broom that has sprouted near the west end of the RC field (between the East Meadow and RC field). MAR/C club offered to advertise for additional help. Kiosk replacement Plexiglas should be delivered next week. The Plexiglas needs replacement after graffiti tagging over Labor Day. MCGA would like Audubon volunteers to address crop of morning glory in snag row during one of the work parties. MCGA would also like an owl box to aid with varmint eradication. Glenn will share the inquiry with Audubon. MAR/C members could assist with construction (several wood workers in the club). Audubon may also request assistance with KC noxious weed group for support controlling blackberries.

      b.     Community Garden (MCGA): Sign up for 2023 will start soon. Winter gardening is coming. Generally have garden buttoned up by October. Still looking for an apiary and a bee keeper. KC Parks will develop a maintenance plan for vegetation growing over the top of the ecology blocks at the garden margin. Straw bales will be delivered Saturday (Oct 1) for gardeners to spread. MCGA would also like Maple leaves for winter coverage. Water is shut down around Oct 31.

      c.     R/C Field (MAR/C): Maintenance responsibilities were briefly discussed for clarity. MAR/C maintains the RC field and the fringe. King County has maintenance responsibilities at the margins of the RC field and beyond. Large garbage bin went missing, but has now returned. Water leak at the water fountain needs maintenance. KC staff have been informed. CPG agreement still in review – insurance one outstanding issue, even though insurance coverage is unchanged for 20+ years. Improvement project remains stalled – need to get a meeting scheduled with the pre-approval team for preliminary review. MAR/C Board election coming up this fall. Chris Jordan shared that a drainage is project planned for Oct 11 through 13 – catch basins will be installed. The east end of Marymoor Way and the MAR/C parking lot will be closed during the project work. Notice will be sent to circulate to park users. A question about drones was raised: drones are allowed in the RC area, but not allowed within the rest of Marymoor Park. The rule regarding drones in the park has unfortunately been ignored by some drone operators. A drone was observed over one of the concerts this summer.

      d.     Off-leash area: Chris Jordan met with SODA and one professional dog walker last Friday to become more familiar with the operation of the off-leash area. The first fall work party in the dog area is Oct 1.

      e.     Maintenance Items: Fencing underway for Field 1 – ready by mid-Oct. Sound Transit mitigation work continuing.

      f.      Events Update: Last concert Saturday, Sept 24th.  Comments by participants agreed that there were too many concerts this past summer, particularly in August when 18 were scheduled. The number of concerts excessively restricted other uses and activities in the park. The contract for the concert venue promoter is up for renegotiation this fall. Fall youth sports underway. In discussion with Cirque for 2024. Movies in the park also in negotiations.

      g.     Sound Transit Works in progress (Wetland mitigation, Tree mitigation, Gateway, Surface Water   improvement): Trying to finish seasonal work within the next few weeks. Gateway trail information update pending for next month’s FOMP meeting.  

      h.     Masterplan: Scoping the project during the 4th quarter2022. RFP probably in 2023. Pedestrian access is one component that needs improvements. FOMP and Marymoor user groups are expected to have considerable input into the masterplan process.

      i.       Lake Hills/NW Lk Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project - See updates at:

          V.          Other: Norah’s retirement party Sept 11th at the Clise well attended. Several attendees lauded Norah’s contribution to their careers and to the KC Parks system. Shane and Greg thanked Norah for her dedication to Marymoor Park.

        Next meeting Wednesday, October 28th, 2022, in the Art Barn

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.

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