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April 26, 2023 Meeting Summary

-- see also the March 22, 2023  meeting summary

  1. Welcome and IntroductionsGreg Helland, FOMP President; Chris Jordan, Marymoor Park Administration, King County Parks; Shane Berry, Cascade Music Collective; Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon Bird Loop, neighbor;  Laura Hall, Marymoor Community Gardens, FOMP Board; Irene Sato and Mistie Hammer (Sound Transit); Saurabh Gangwar (new neighbor)

  2. Sound Transit Update on Mitigation and Restoration at Marymoor - Irene and Mistie 

    Update on the mitigation for the Sound Transit East Link:  See also this PDF of the presentation

    Three locations
    • Upper Sammamish River Site
      • Planted 19,000 trees and shrubs, 6300 stakes
      • Deer and Bobcat spotted
      • 10-year monitoring program for the mitigation site
      • Will coordinate a tour with FOMP later this summer
      Bear Creek Site
      • Removed former railroad trestle
      • Planted 6100 trees and shrubs, and 23,000 stakes
      • 10-year monitoring program for the mitigation site
    • Marymoor On-site Restoration
      • Temporary irrigation will be installed to facilitate survival
      • 5-year monitoring project for the mitigation site
      • Planting started in January, should be finished this week

    Tree mitigation is planned within Marymoor for removed trees that were not in critical areas or wetland buffers.

  3. Update on Vandalism & Security Cameras: Reduced vandalism has been noted in Marymoor compared with report from last month.  More patrols, but park is also busier as well.  Concern at the County level over the prospect of security cameras.  Currently, unlikely to pursue this option.  Park patrols are KC deputies that focus on the Parks system.  Parks Division looking at a "Park Ranger" program as a long-term solution, but details of the program remain unclear.

  4. Marymoor Live 2023 Summer Series - Kickoff Reception:  May 1 reception at Clise Mansion for elected officials and interested public.  There are 15 confirmed shows scheduled for the 2023 season (June 4 - September 16), including two September dates.

    They are building more sustainable infrastructure (light stations, compost/recycling/trash containers). New festoon lights purchased.  Improved temporary fencing.

    Significant installation/assembly expected to start ~May 8th.  All concert-related components will be removed from the park by October 1.

    Looking for volunteer support to offset the changed KC emphasis for volunteers

  5. CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

    a.    Eastside Audubon: First Saturday of the Month volunteer / work party events.  The East Meadow is now a nesting area, so work will occur in Snag Row.

    b.    Community Garden (MCGA): Long wait list as a community asset.  Numerous photographers visiting the garden.  HopeLink support ongoing - grow a row for the food bank.  With improving weather, parking is starting to be an issue.  MCGA have parking tags.  Current sign faded - may need a new sign.

    c.    R/C Field (MAR/C): No report

    d.    Off-leash area (SODA): Routine maintenance.  No pending volunteer events.  Former fountain within Pet Memorial collects water, and is occasionally treated to prevent mosquitoes.  MCGA participants have observed off-leash dogs in the Pet Memorial area, and warned owners about dogs drinking the treated water.

    e.    Cascade Mountain Collective (Concert venue): Still working to get better internet service.  Hope to have a resolution soon

    f.    Events Update: See Events Calendar.  Cirque du Soleil returning in 2024, but uncertain when.  Projects planned for 2024 could challenge event opportunities.  Movies (walk-up) will be announced soon.  CHOMP will return; new RFP will be needed for next 5 years starting next year.  Velodrome racing starting Friday, May 5th

    g.    Maintenance Items:
    1. Ziply fiber line installation progressing.
    2. Maintenance yard expansion is underway.  Material stockpiles outside the area will be moved inside the fenced area in May.
    3. Repairs and painting underway on stage to prep for concerts.
    4. Seasonal help onboarding is moving slowly for maintenance staff
    g.    Sound Transit Update: Working on operation agreements.  Water line project is underway (scheduled water shutoffs have been announced).

    h.    Masterplan: General assessment and analysis: No updates.  FOMP is interested in contributing to the scope of work

  6. FYI:   Lake Hills/NW Lk Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project - See updates at:

Next meeting Wednesday, May 24th 2023 in the Art Barn

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