Friends of Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park Capital Improvement Project Recommendation List 5-24-06  
  Scope/Description of Project Justification Priority
1 Asphalt all gravel lots except lot B ("Cowboy Lot") Reduce cost. Eliminate potholes and dust.   
2 IN PROGRESS Clise Mansion - Upgrade lighting and electrical. Install light control switches in all rooms as needed.  Replace track lighting with better looking and more efficient fixtures. Existing lighting is controlled at electrical panel.  Panel is inconveniently located and provides access to variety of County and non-County personnel.    
3 Clise Mansion - Install two restrooms (one male one female or two uni-sex) that are ADA compliant and accessible through main hallway for privacy purposes.   Existing restrooms open directly into the  meeting areas and are not ADA compliant.   
4 Clise Mansion - Replace all six parking lot lights and poles. Install updated fixtures. Style must be approved by Landmarks Commission.  Some existing poles are rotting.  Fixtures are a poor design and fill with water, causing frequent malfunctions   
5 Clise Mansion - Two rooms on courtyard side are visibly sloped.  Floor can be jacked up from basement. Both rooms now not available for public rental.  
6 Maintenance Barn - Install more weather efficient windows. Decrease electricity costs for heating and cooling.   
7 Asphalt the main road through Marymoor Original road not designed for current high traffic. Asphalt is breaking up.  Potholes and cracking appearing  regularly.  
8 Marymoor Maintenance Building - Install exhaust/fan system to reduce dust and fumes in office and crew area and improve general ventilation.  Add covered area in yard to store supplies, vehicles and equipment that creates dust and fumes. Add door (within  Safety, efficiency, system support.    
9 Marymoor Art Barn and Maintenance Barn - Paint exteriors of buildings.  Match with mansion to be in compliance with historic color palette. Safety, efficiency. To protect building. Paint is peeling on both buildings. Paint is over 10 years old.  
10 Evaluate existing trees in Park, in particular the Historic area. Design and implement tree replacement plan for park in conjunction with Landmarks and FOMP Need inspection and recommendations on current trees by certified arborist, and have them recommend replacements.  


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