Friends of Marymoor Park

Item # Marymoor Park Proposed Capital Projects 2002      
  Location Name Project Description / Scope Justification / Comments Comment FOMP Priority
1 Marymoor Pave approximately 50' apron at entrance to South Lot; include expanded parking for pea patch users.  Deputy director is asking for this to be done. Heavy use of this gravel lot requires frequent grading to abate numerous potholes; grading lasts less than one month currently. Small Contract (paving)  
2 Marymoor Install a new roof and gutters on the Clise Mansion. Roof is in major disrepair; leaks and outer edge under roof open to the outside; no roof vents; needs immediate attention.     
3 Sammamish River Trail Install speed control signage  on the Trail (adjascent trail signs and striped/signed asphalt type signage similar to trail section along Woodinville's Wilmont Park).   To reduce number of bicyclists riding at a high rate of speed.  Signs  
4 Marymoor Install walkway lighting around and between Clise Mansion, Recreation Office and Maintenance Barn.  Safety and security of park patrons, especially night reservations at the Clise Mansion, and employees.                                          Master Plan Issue  
5 Marymoor Design and installation of a 3-phase electrical system for around the  "Historical District". To provide: safe, reliable and adequate power for multiple entertainment stage sound and light systems; for food vendors; communication  and production trailers.  To attract and keep large special events at Marymoor Park.      
6 Redmond Pool Install new metal bar reinforced curbing throughout parking lot. Curbing at present is broken up and a hindrance.            
7 Marymoor Pave South Lot; area handles the "Off Leash Area" Lot is now heavily used year round.  Graded 8+ times a year with approximately $6-7k worth of gravel up to twice a year. Permit Master Plan issues  
8 Marymoor Resurface and widen to KCP Standards the "Par Course" (the exercise stations). Previously submitted request under paving rehab; repair root damage and sunken portions, widen to 12' and overlay existing trail.  Permits Issue to widen  
9 Marymoor Pave approximately 50' apron at entrances to the interpretive parking lot and the PGA cutout for Eastbound traffic. Heavy use of this gravel lot requires frequent grading to abate numerous potholes.  Small Contract (paving)  
10 Marymoor Replace existing concrete bunker style restrooms near Velodrome. Existing restrooms are dark, old and non inviting.  With 3 new fields going in this year, total of 5 in this area, old structure is undersized and not ADA accessible.   Estimate is for restroom comparable to the recent Historic District structure.     
11 Marymoor Construct basketball court and skateboard park Enhance variety of drop in recreation opportunities for youth. Master Plan Issue  
12 Marymoor Replace existing concrete bunker style restrooms near Softball #1 and #2. Existing restrooms are dark and non inviting.  With field use expected to increase with rehab of Baseball Fields 1 & 2, and the addition of another all weather soccer fields in this area, (4 total), structure is outdated and undersized.  Also not ADA accessible.   Estimate is for restroom comparable to the recent Historic District structure.                                                                                 
13 Marymoor Pave Cowboy Lot,  median areas planted with natives; code drives  what is necessary;  lanes and parking spaces marked.   Increased use; (daily and weekly  when there are no scheduled special events), is causing excessive wear; close proximity to the picnic shelters makes this a real need.  With no designated parking spots, lot doesn't hold as many cars as it could.  Master Plan Issue  
14 Marymoor Replace shelters, both North and South, in Historical District. Shelters are in disrepair; they are old, uninviting, and need major power and water upgrades.  Master Plan Issue  
15 Marymoor Asphalt overlay main entrance  road through park; Marymoor Way; and Pea Patch Road which goes down to the dog area. Extensive use of roads for through traffic in the past has led to deterioration of surfaces and increased potholes.    
16 Marymoor Create water structure for Dogs in Off Leash Area.  Will provide water activity for dogs when the Sammamish Slough is closed during salmon activity. Part of a larger proposal to SODA from Parks, WLRD, and DNR to protect critical salmon habitat; partner w/all these groups.    
17 Marymoor Installation and materials for split-rail fencing around all areas that are limited access.  Especially along both sides of Pea-patch road, and around the north side of South Parking lot, to off-leash area. To manage vehicle access near picnic areas and sports fields. To create a safer environment around play area and picnic shelters. Master Plan Issue  
18 Marymoor Install well known restaurant in park Provide reliable food service and on-going revenue for park.    


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