Friends of Marymoor Park

        Resources Needed      
Project Description Safety Issue Lead Funding CIP Work Party Opportunity Work Order Submitted Comments FOMP
Art Barn Acoustic Improvements Design, get estimates, locate money, put in work orders   NG            
Art Barn Concrete Pad Install pad by new door on east side   KK/Schwarts Small Contracts     Coordinate with Dumpster Pad and Art Barn Pad    
Art Barn Re-hab Finish existing Project   NG/Kimble            
Basketball Courts Locate appropriate area, determine funding, install.   Schwartz Grant X     FOMP discussion  
Cameras on Restrooms Discourage inappropriate behavior in restrooms.   NG/KK       88707 on 1/3/01 NG will talk to Arvid about existing cameras.  
Car Counters Install car counters at various points in park   KK GF     88706 PO #  
Climbing Rock cushion material Add and/or replace material around rock. yes KK GF       Material order being processed.  
Clise Floors - Other Schedule dates for all floors to be refinished.  Coordinate with Museum entry.   NG/Kimble            
Clise Landscaping Design, purchase plants, install plants   KK & Sharon C.   X X   In progress. North end of area planted.  
Clise Parking Lot Lights Lights don't stay on.  Some on Some off, intermittently. yes KK       88702 on 1/3/01    
Clise Parlor Floor Finish is bubbling.  Prep and refinish   NG/Steph            
Clise Sunporch Wall Paint Paint and wall covering bubbling out. Needs repair   NG/Steph            
Community Garden - access in fence Close access to dog area through fence next to C. garden. Health KK Grant   X   OK w/ SODA  
Community Garden - Cottonwood removal Old Cottonwoods need removed or major limbing. yes Brady/KK DCFM X   88705 on 1/3/01  Need bird survey. Michael Hobbs will research. Parks report done.  
Community Garden - path clearing Level and clear paths.  Possible work release project with Bill Schwartz   Jan Dahl     X Possible Middle school Proj.      
Community Garden - Weed removal Control comfrey in garden   Jan Dahl     X Possible Middle school Proj.   On going problem.  Need gardeners input and help. X
Community Garden Parking lot Design, grade area for 10 cars, lay gravel, cut curb, install signs   Mike Parker GF     88709 Done  
Correct Prototype signs Take off lettering from signs that mis-direct patrons.   KK         Done  
Cottonwood tree removal Park Entrance East of West bridge. yes Brady/KK         See Community Garden Cottonwood removal above.  
Crosswalk & Speedbump  Painting Paint all crosswalks and speed bumps yes Kimble       87365 on    
Curb cuts Pea Patch rd, at each entry to lawn area. Demo ramp. Main Rd, to Marybelle, near SB 6,7,8. yes Kimble         Cut curbs along Pea Patch Road, exit of Cowboy Lot. Target date 7/1  
Dock repair/redesign Dock reviewed by Schwartz, Karl, Stephanie.  Piling broken. Will rebuild as platform rather than float.  Work will begin in late spring pending permits.  Deadline August 15 (salmon run). yes Kimble/KK Small Contracts or in-house       Small contracts working on demo contractor, permits and project schedule.  
Dumpster Concrete Pad  Install pad under big dumpster in yard.   KK/Schwartz Small Contracts     Coordinate Dumpster Pad and Art Barn Pad    
Electrical Upgrade Install new electrical in south end of Willowmoor Meadow   NG   X        
Expand Dog area grass. Have material estimate.   NG/Martin Samm. Kennel Club       Project on hold due to water restrictions.  Also dogshow may move to 60 acreas south.  
Fire Lane Painting All areas in park yes KK       86521 on 10/16/00    
Fire lane signage Clearly sign access points in entire over park yes           Done  
Gate Widening Cowboy Lot, north exit. Marybelle, make double.   KK/Mike P. GF     88713    
Hot Water in Historic Restrooms Run hot water to sinks for food vendors.  Health Dept. Requirement yes NG/Kimble GF     need Target date 7/1  
Intercom/camera at Scheduling Office To view and talk to visitors/patrons after normal operating hours. yes NG         Lower priority--peep hole in front door allows adequate security after hours.  
Laser counters for pedestrians. Install for attendance counts during festivals and   NG/KK GF       Researching products.  
Lift Purchase Dept. purchase lift for year round use.   Peggy PERF/Donation       Researching products.  
Light at Main intersection -Repair Light stays on Yes KK       88704    
Marymoor West Development Design, finance, build, maintain.   Kevin B.   X     Will add to CIP list.  
Marymoor West Fence line Clean up fence line. Maybe take out fence. yes KK/Rowing Assoc.   X   Briefly discussed at Jan meeting.  Nearest neighbor does not want fence taken out due to vehicle lights from parking cars.  Clean-up of fenceline on hold at this time.  
Move Gates to give more access to Velodrome               Velodrome Assoc. and Mike Eddy will bring proposal to FOMP for review. Further discussion set for April 25 FOMP meeting. X
Move Samm kennel club to 60 acres for 2002     NG         Temporary for NEC Golf Championship in 2002.  May be permanent.  
Move Skiforall Trailer Contact Skiforall & velodrome Assoc. determine new location, prepare site, yes NG         Location on east side of Velodrome identified. Area cleared and need agreement finalized soon.   
Museum Door East door needs new door handle and lock.  Can only open lock from outside. yes KK/Steph       88712    
Museum Floors Schedule entry room re-finishing.  Get estimate on other rooms. Find money. Schedule work   NG/Steph            
Museum Hallway Paint over wallpaper, or remove and paint wall   NG/Steph       85767 on 2/12    
Museum Lighting Install new track lighting per discussion with Greg Watson   KK/Greg Watson     88711/85766 on 2/12    
Museum Plumbing Remove tree. Install new line to main. yes Kimble/Brown            
Museum Signs Install roadside and near walking path signs with logo.   NG/GW            
NEC Golf Championship Parking for tournament   Joyce/Norah         Scheduled for Aug 19 - 25 '02.  
New ADA accessible restrooms Replace velodrome and NW restrooms. yes Kevin   X     See CIP list  
New aerial maps of park Find latest photos, enlarge for display.   NG/Dennis Tech Fund          
New Maintenance Shop & Offices Design, fund and construct.   Kevin/Kimble   X     Will add to CIP list.  In Process.  
New Parking Lot for Velo Repaving needed.             Parking lot in need of repaving.  Drainage in SE corner also needs to be addressed.  
New/bigger sprinklers on 7,8,9 Currently need both sprinklers for Little Bit.  Also water pressure is problem now.   KK Evergreen C       On hold due to water restrictions.  
Off Leash area dog walkers Develop guidelines for organizations.  Possibly limit numbers   NG/SODA/Bobbi       Under review by department  
Off-site parking for park users. To increase park capacity for large events and simultaneous multiple park uses, develop ongoing relationships with local establishments and METRO to use parking areas outside park.     Norah            
Open Area Re-hab Create open area for large special events that won't affect fields.  Area is the NW corner of the park.   Mike Crandell Grant   X      
Paint new crosswalks Locate and paint new crosswalks on Pea Patch Road for summer events yes KK       88710 on 1/4/01    
Paint Picnic Shelters Paint to match Historic Restroom   Steph     X 88708    
Parking lot and driveway lighting for Art barn, Maintenance Barn to Clise lot.   yes NG GF       KK discussed with Arvid.  
Pave lots and/or aprons. Reduce potholes and continual need for grading, which now is 6 - 8 times/year. yes Schwartz Small Contracts        Approved.  In budget for 2001.  Aprons should be in for Interpretive Lot and South Lot.  
Pea Patch Rd Split Rail Fencing Install along west side of road to keep picnic parking out yes KK Grant          
Peephole in Scheduling door   yes KK/Tom         Done  
Picnic Tables Replace and add   KK         Will bring up at retreat  
Radio Channels Establish 2-4 channels for Marymoor use   KK         call PSI  
Reader Board Event board on 520   Joyce/Norah            
Recreation Office- Paved Path Install hard or paved path from HC parking stalls across lawn into next paved area.  Would be only HC accessible way to cross. yes NG/Schwartz Small Contracts     Coordinate with Dumpster Pad and Art Barn Pad    
Replace Picnic Shelters Design to match historic restroom   Kevin B./Kimble   X        
Rowing Club sign Design and order signs for entrance to parking lot identifying Marymoor West   Joyce/KK/ Gretchen         On hold due to merger w/DNR.  Need to know whether or not to put Sammamish Rowing Club on sign.  
Signs - All in park Review for content, inventory, replace as necessary.   Joyce/Norah Possible Tourism grant from City of Redmond X     Dept. Project.  On hold with possible merger of parks and DNR.  
Signs - Dog area Work with SODA   NG/Jim T.         Include Walking Svc Rules  
Signs - You are here maps. Various locations   KK & NG Grant     88714 Moved to Sign Project  
Signs for Parking Lots Develop plan to number each parking lot and install signs   Joyce/KK GF       Dept. Project  
Speed control trailer Processed thru Purchasing. yes KK         Done  
User Group Contracts Update all long-term use contracts   Joyce/Norah         In progress  
Velodrome - South Fence removal Remove south fence to clean up look.     KK   X   Discussed briefly at Jan FOMP meeting. Not high priority. Velo Assoc. wants to keep.  
Velodrome - Widen access from lot to velodrome Must be wide enough for Emergency vehichles easy access. Adjacent field project includes new fence, work will include widening of access.  yes KK         Adjacent field work delayed.  Maint. will do as much as possible. Will be wider when new fence is installed.  
Water Main Improvements Increase water pressure thru park   Kimble         Kimble working with City of Redmond to coord. W/ road widening project.  
Winter Programs Possible skate rink. Lighting. Concessions   Joyce/Norah            
River Re-route Re-route Samm River to enhance salmon habitat   Mike Crandell     X   In permitting  



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