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September 25th, 2002 Meeting Summary

-- see also the August 2002 meeting summary

NAPCOR - 23 plastic container recycling bins are now at Marymoor.  Alexandra, who has coordinated this project, wants to get park users educated about this project.  Educational materials were handed out for dissemination to member groups.  Please notify Greg Helland of educational efforts.

EVERGREEN CLASSIC - 420 horses, thousands of spectators, good footing for the horses.  The horse jumping charity event was a great success.  BUT, in negotiations for 2003, King County raised the fee from around $24,000 to about $100,000 in an attempt to cover actual costs.  Therefore, the Classic will not be returning to Marymoor Park next year, and they are actively looking for a new location.  The basis for the increase was apparently a better accounting of both market value, expenses (i.e. water), and increased maintenance for rehabilitation.  The County can "no longer afford to subsidize" even non-profit charity events.

SUMMER CONCERT SERIES - David Latrell, Lakeside Management, the original (1st 12 years) producer of the Zoo concert series, and most recently the producer of the Ste. Michelle Winery concerts, is hoping to bring a concert series to Marymoor for 2003 and beyond.  He is looking at doing 10-15 concerts a year, with attendance capped at around 5,000.  The acts will be those which will attract the baby-boomer target audience.  He is not expecting sound to be a big issue, because the acts would not be "that type" and they will be using newer, smaller speakers.

  • Some of the concerts might benefit FOMP and/or Friends of King County Parks.
  • A stage (built under a "temporary structure" permit) would be built at the SW corner of Willowmoor Meadow.  It would remain over the course of the initial series (5 years?).  Food booths & sanicans would come and go each week.  Willowmoor Meadow would be fenced, with sections of fencing removed when concerts were not playing.  Most of the fencing would remain throughout each concert season.
  • Concerts would run May through September.  Saturdays and/or Sundays are expected concert days.  Possible festivals on Wednesdays.
  • Most concerts would be in the evening, with a 10:00 p.m. curfew.
  • Ticket pricing is determined based on compensation demands of the act.
  • May have alcohol sales; David personally is opposed to alcohol sponsors.  King County bars tobacco company sponsorship.
  • Looking for a 5-year contract with King County, with "outs" only for non-performance.

Points raised in discussion included:

  • Many small concerts would probably be preferable to a few huge ones
  • This would be yet another section of the park off-limits unless you pay
  • More detailed and firm information would be good, as it is hard to comment based on the current proposal
  • Steve Elliot, who manages Clise Mansion, says he is already shut out throughout the summer.  Event schedules are not known far enough in advance for booking most weddings.  Only renters who don't need long lead times can book the Mansion.

PARKING FEES - The FOMP board met the week of September 16th, and following discussion, voted to draft a letter to Bob Burns recommending a $1/visit parking fee but with a $25-35 annual pass.  Bobbi Wallace argued for a higher annual pass fee to deter through-park commuters.

GOLF DRIVING RANGE - At the same board meeting, concerns were raised about adding a facility strictly for the purposes of generating revenue.  There was also a question of scale raised - the golf facility will be very large and will block views within the park.  In comparison, a small operation like a cafe would generate revenue but would not consume so much of the park.

SOCCER FIELDS - Fields that would be displaced by the Golf Driving Range would need to be replaced within Marymoor.  Grants and financing are available to Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association, who might take over management of the Marymoor soccer facilities, and who would replace the current all-weather fields with Field Turf.  LWYSA would schedule all soccer fields, but would have to allow grandfathered use by other leagues.  LWYSA is interested in market-based rates (best times cost more).

POSSIBLE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT - Bobbi Wallace enumerated certain "assets that could be developed", prefacing it by saying that Marymoor West, the Interpretive Area, and the Historical Area are "sacred areas".

  • The Rowing Club is a target for revenue generation, possibly involving King County supporting development of bigger facilities in exchange for enhanced revenue.  Parking problems would have to be solved by the Sammamish Rowing Association, however.
  • Advertisement "in a tasteful way" on/around fields is foreseen, including ads targeting SR 520.  Ads on waste receptacles possible.  Revenue possible from "environmental ads".
  • The Marymoor Museum supplies no revenue, and they may be asked to leave to make room for a restaurant or other revenue-generating use of that portion of Clise Mansion.
  • Willowmoor Meadow might be regraded into a concert venue, to enhance its value to concert promoters.
  • Field Turf fields would allow higher utilization, and hence more revenue
  • Possibility of a lodge, possibly as a larger project including a parking garage (on the Cowboy Lot?)
  • Possibility of a skateboard park.

In discussion, a plea for open spaces (i.e. don't develop everything), and target recreational uses not available elsewhere.  It was also proposed to have a FOMP retreat to formulate policy.

URBAN FORESTRY GRANT - A grant of $25,000 may be available for replacing aging Black Cottonwood trees in 3 cottonwood rows (SE of bridge, N of Community Gardens, NE of climbing rock).  FOMP will need to apply soon for the grant.


  • Salmon are running heavily in the river and are easily visible.  Check them out.
  • Dog area visitors are reminded to refrain from allowing dogs to use fenced pools while salmon are running,  from a 1/2 hour after dusk to a 1/2 hour before dawn (their peak of activity) to reduce stress on fished already stressed by the shallow river and subsequent warm water.
  • 19 marijuana plants were found in Marymoor West by Fish and Wildlife agents.  They were confiscated after several days of police surveillance.  No, this was not one of the park's revenue generating ventures.
  • SODA had a bark-spreading volunteer party on Saturday and also finished work on the last of the culvert bridges in the off-leash dog area.
  • Irrigation is being installed in the south end of the Willowmoor Meadow.
  • The restroom project is back on the radar screen, but completion is likely 1+ years in the future.
  • The dock project has hit a number of project-review obstacles, starting with a Corps of Engineers Biological Wildlife Assessment and required review from other agencies.  Will likely not begin project before spring of 2003.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.  


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