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August 26th, 2004 Meeting Summary

-- see also the July 2004 meeting summary

1. Introductions

Ed Bronsdon handed out the latest SkiForAll Newsletter

2. Updates

A) Subway Sub would like to set up a concession in the building that will replace the tennis court restroom. This deal is not final, and the agreement is a package deal with the Parks service including other restaurant(s) in other facilities. [actually, the deal may be finalized for another Parks venue, so the deals may not be linked].

It would not be a full Subway, but would be a satellite store (i.e. bread would not be baked on site).

The restroom construction is scheduled for this fall, completed by December. The restaurant would come in a few months later (hopefully by March).

There would be one sign (unlit) on the building and probably a sandwich board sign on the entrance street. There would be a few tables outside for customers (and others).

The concessionaire stand is about 800 sq. ft. Hours of operation are yet to be determined. Annual revenue to KC Parks is hoped to be around $20K.

Current plan is to replace the velodrome restroom with the same new design as for the tennis restrooms, so there will be a concession stand there too.

B) USA China Road to Beijing Event. 2005 series of Olympic-type events between USA and China (with a few other countries). Possibly track cycling could be added to these games, and the GHC Velodrome might be used. Also, archery and softball would also be at Marymoor. Economic, culture and/or business or entertainment events associated with the games could also be hosted at Marymoor. This would be held in 5-12 June, 2005. These events would attract thousands of people. Some facility-enhancement might result (paid for by the Games)

C) Tree Replacement. A tree backstage of the concert venue died because the stage and paving encroached to fully around the tree. It was an elm, almost 100 years old. Norah wants to replace the tree, and wants input on tree species and location. The arborist suggested European Beech. Perhaps two trees flanking the drive, rather than one in the middle of the drive. Resources for replacement might come from the same Urban Reforestation program that we worked with on the cottonwood snag grant.

D) RV Parking has opened in the east end of Lot B (the Cowboy lot). 10 spaces have been designated, and honor pay box has been installed, rules have been posted (as modified as per the previous FOMP comments). There hasn’t been much interest yet, despite the newspaper article that appeared. Norah has already received a few complaints that the price is too high ($20/night).

E) Proposed Tennis Facility – Tennis Outreach Program (TOP) would like to enter into an ADOP to improve and expand the tennis facility from 4 courts to 6, and eventually to cover the courts. Parks is supportive of the concept. Norah passed around conceptual plans of the covered facility. The tennis court fees would increase with this proposal. The covered facility would include some locker room space. Parks would like the court hardware to be removable so that the domed structure could be used as a large covered area for exhibition space.

Greg Helland expressed concerns that the white dome construction would be out of place that near the mansion, and asked if a wood building could be built instead. He also raised concerns that spring/summer usage would require more parking. Norah indicated that Parks feels more parking would be required, and that Lot A (the grassy area on the left as you enter the park [east of the river] could be partially paved and developed as a parking lot. Concern was expressed around the table that the additional paved parking would change the experience of driving in to Marymoor (esthetic issues), and with the loss of open, unscheduled mowed grass areas.

Concerns were also raised about revenue vs. impact (for a large impact like this facility, large revenues would be a requirement). Visual impacts would be large (a similar facility in Snoqualmie got the nickname “The Big White Slug”).

TOP is still in the very preliminary stages (i.e. they don’t have the money). They’ve expressed interest in expanding the current courts rather than building an all-new facility, due to costs.

F) SODA Agreement – SODA met with Parks for the second time, to negotiate an agreement. SODA would like a long-term agreement to provide assurance that the dog area would continue indefinitely. A final proposed agreement should be wrapped up by the end of September. Approval by KC Council would be required because of the extra-long agreement requested by SODA. There is little expected opposition.

Jack, from the Community Gardens, brought up the issue of the fencing separating the Gardens from the SODA area. The current split-rail fence is not sufficiently tall. The Gardeners would like a taller (i.e. 6’) fence. Other suggestions were made to look into putting in a hedge (paid for with grant money from Urban Reforestration?), or to make a trellis-like extension to the fence to be planted with clematis or wisteria.

G) Fee Increases 2005 – only increase would be for Youth Field Use from $6 to $7 per hour.

H) Ruff House Concession – This is a proposed concession to provide dog washing facilities. They would use a portable office trailer, located on the west edge of the south lot, where water, electric, and sewer hookups are possible.

Concern was voiced about the esthetics of such a portable building, and whether there are other options than the typical white construction building look.

Greg raised the question of constraining the dogs using fencing and/or pathway development, since the location of the facility would be technically outside of the off-leash dog area.

3. Development Criteria Status

The August meeting was cancelled. Robert Foxworthy’s status is uncertain. So the state of the Development Criteria is somewhat uncertain.

4. Other

New set of Dog Area signs are forthcoming to replace the (small) billboard style signs that are fading away.

The Pet Memorial Garden will have a public meeting in September.

The next meeting will be September 22, 2004.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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