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March 22nd, 2006 Meeting Summary

-- see also the February 22, 2006 meeting summary

  1. In attendance - Greg Helland (SODA, FOMP President), Barbara Dickson (neighbor), Michael Hobbs (ELWAS, FOMP Secretary & webmaster), Norah Gaynor (KC Parks),  Kathleen Miller, NW Crafts Alliance, Christina Merten (Community Gardeners Assn), Harley Sheffield (Marymoor Velodrome Association).

  2. Art at Marymoor Craft Show - Kathleen Miller

    The Northwest Crafts Alliance holds several art fairs each year around the region.  They are moving their summer show from Magnusson Park to Marymoor Park.  The show will be held August 19-20, 2006.  There will be around 125-150 artists showing their art.  Some of these artists used to be vendors at the Heritage Festival.  There is a small budget for entertainment, which will probably go towards some small musical entertainments.

    There will be a Marymoor booth, where Marymoor user groups could provide information to attendees.  There is also a possibility that groups could have vendor booths (i.e. Community Gardens Association might wish to sell produce).

    This will probably be held at the paved event area or on the grass fields next to it.  Attendance is expected to be 2000-4000 per day.

  3. Tree Replanting Program - Historic Area

    Staff members have been identified to work on a tree program.  Norah will be setting up a meeting with Sue and Angie, from Parks, and Michael Hobbs.  The Historical Commission will have to approve whatever plans result.  In irrigated areas, the largest trees possible will be planted.  This helps get trees established faster, and also makes them harder to steal (really).

    The tree selection needs to match Historic District rules; most trees need to be of the types that would have been planted here in the 1900s.

    During September's forestry conference, some surveying and inventory is planned of the mansion area trees.

    Irrigation can be installed for trees in certain areas, which will allow larger trees to be planted.

    Initially, Norah has located $5000 of capital funding that can immediately be used.  Grants may be available to help pay for additional trees.

    Greg suggested that KC Council could be approached with the idea of a dedicated line-item for tree replacement at Marymoor.

    Michael mentioned that one of the three maples east of the mansion-area rest room appears to have a nest of Common Mergansers.
  4. Capital Project Updates

    >> Raising the Entrance Sign - Management would like to raise the Marymoor Park sign that is just north of the west entrance, placing it higher (5 feet or more) on a more visible manner (it's kind of down in a dip).  Plans are being developed for some kind of pedestal that could be built.  Possibly some announcement space would be created  - signs could be underslung that could announce upcoming events.  Barbara expressed some aesthetic concerns, but without plans it's a bit hard know what it might look like.

    >> Recreation and Event Area - Final details are still being finished, and surface soil work needs to be performed in preparation for planting.  Circe starts to move in on April 10, so the area needs to be completed very soon.

    >> Velodrome Restroom - A little behind schedule, but should be finished by April 15.  The old restroom was torn down this week (and interestingly, an unknown concrete base was discovered under the old restroom.  Just what it was is unknown). 

    >> Velodrome Notes - The velodrome lighting panel is being moved from the old restroom to the velodrome itself.  The fence near the velodrome was replaced.  Also, Norah raised the question of the Dasani bikes.  Norah said some or all may be moved to the Tennis Court lot, closer to the West Sammamish River Trail.

    >> Bicycle Rental Concession - A proposal has come in for a bicycle rental concession.  The most likely location would be the east end of the Tennis Court Lot (near the all-weather soccer fields).  There would be a rental booth and bicycle storage structure(s).  Harley wanted to make sure than any exclusivity agreement would not interfere with the Dasani bikes, nor with MVA rentals of track bikes for the velodrome.  The company has other rental outlets in California and other places.

    >> All-weather soccer fields
    - Construction should start in the next couple of weeks, with completion due by September 15th.

    >> New Utility Shop - should be ready by June 5th.

  5. Event Schedule -

    >> First Tech Movies
    - Tentatively the movies will be Wednesday nights in July and August (8 shows), but that schedule is dependent on the concert schedule.  First Tech would like partners for movies.  Harley suggested the possibility of showing a movie at the velodrome.  They could have their Wednesday races end early.  People could watch the races as the pre-movie entertainment.  The velodrome could be an alternative venue for movies in case of a Wednesday concert.

    >> Concert Series - Schedule will be announced first week of May.  Norah should know dates by April 15.

  6. Other

    Barbara again raised the issue of lights from cars exiting the Rowing Club blinding people turning from her road onto West Lake Samm Parkway.  She experienced a serious problem trying to get to the FOMP meeting tonight.  Norah agreed to try placing some slats into a short section of the fence as a trial.  Greg suggested that if the slats are successful, replacing the slats with bushes might be an option.

    Parks is hiring many seasonal positions.  Rate is $10-12/hour.  Application can be made a the cottage.  This includes both maintenance jobs and less physical work (parking enforcement, etc.).

    Herb was wondering about paving of the model airplane field parking lot.  Norah relayed that no funding was approved for paving any lots.  Herb then asked about ADA-accessible parking spaces (2?).  Norah said that there should at least be signs to designate two spots, but that paving those spots may not come through.

    Christina completed the registration of FOMP with the State Combined Fund.  She has not gotten confirmation yet.

    Michael asked that the slough trail be opened up to complete the loop to the boardwalk.  Dog Area closures have closed the trail as part of closing the southern end of the dog area.  Weirdly, the loop is closed only at the first footbridge on the slough trail (just across the river from the Rowing Club dock).  This means it is possible to get to the south end of the dog area by walking the Interpretive Trail and boardwalk and coming at it from the south.  If the south end of the dog area needs to be closed, it should be done without affecting the slough trail..


Next meeting, Wednesday, April 26th.

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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