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January 27th, 2010 Meeting Summary

-- see also the November 18, 2009 meeting summary

  1. Introductions - Norah Gaynor (King County Parks), Michael Hobbs (Eastside Audubon, FOMP Secretary), Barbara Dickson (neighbor), Herb Bone (MAR/C, FOMP Board), Christina Merten (Marymoor Community Gardener's Association, FOMP Board), Jack MacKinnon (Marymoor Community Gardener's Association)

  2. Park Tree Inventory and Plan - Grant Opportunities

    Barbara forwarded a possible grant opportunity to Greg - an Urban Forestry grant.

    Christina is applying for a couple of grants from Whole Foods store in Redmond.  They have two different versions - a 5% day, when (once a month?) they send 5% of a day's proceeds to that month's non-profit, and a bag-refund program, where shoppers can donate their bag-refund to one of 5 non-profits.

    Christina had a few questions of things that were on the application forms.  First, how would we publicize?  Christina proposed that Michael could send a notice out to the mailing lists.  Also, we could request that member groups send a notice to their email mailing lists.  A notice could be placed on the FOMP website. 

    Additionally, if the expected revenue would be large enough, Norah thought we could post some banners (~$500 cost) at the park entrances.  [Depending on what else is going on the park - i.e. Cirque du Soleil - a banner might get 'lost'.  However, a large event might provide a large captive audience]   Alternatively, sandwich boards could be used at much lower cost.

    Also, the birding kiosks and the MCGA and MAR/C kiosks could have posters.

    Christina will try to contact SODA and LWYSA to see if they will commit to sending an announcement to their members.

    Norah suggested that the donation event could be timed such that attendees of some special events (concerts, Cirque, etc.) could be targeted by the advertizing.


  3. King County Proposal to add area lights at Lot B (the old Cowboy Lot)

    Proposal is to add 3 permanent light poles with area lights, which would illuminate the MacNair activity field (site of concert parking and Movies in the Park) and Lot B.  These lights would only be turned on for special events - probably fewer than 30 nights per year.  A clock timer would automatically shut the lights off.

    Two of these light poles would be hidden in the treeline along the west edge of the MacNair activity field.  The third would be along the southern edge of Lot B, in line with the north exit of the lot.

    These would be cheap and ugly - probably using surplus poles (20 feet tall), with 3 metal halide fixtures per pole. 

    Christina requested that a nicer pole and fixtures be used for the exposed location.  However, Norah explained that the nicer poles and fixtures would costs thousands of dollars more.

    Currently, Parks rents portable lights, at a cost of ~$30K every three years.  These poles would greatly reduce the annual operating costs.  Norah also stated that Parks is trying to buy some portable lights, so that they would not have to rent.


  4. Status Reports

    1. Booth Damage - The parking enforcement booth at the East Entrance was damaged 1/9 in an auto accident (no injuries).  A new one is being built and should be installed within the next couple of weeks.
    2. BirdLoop - EAS will be installing some bicycle racks next to the kiosks.  Also, Parks, SODA, and EAS have collaborated on a plan to transport wood chips to the restoration site on the slough trail immediately south of the dog area.  Chips will be moved in a series of smaller moves timed with project work.
    3. Sammamish Slough Trail - The river bank below the trail has experienced some collapsing into the river, between SR-520 and the main park entrance.  The trail will need to be closed at various times this spring and summer for repairs.
    4. Maintenance & Art Barn Renovation - Roof complete.  The Landmarks Commission was due to consider paint colors and window weatherization within a couple of days of the FOMP meeting.  The proposal was to use the same paint scheme as on the Clise Mansion and the Park Office, though not necessarily with the mustard-colored window frames.  There will need to be an extensive HAZMAT paint removal to get rid of lead paints currently in use.  However, once that is complete, it will no longer be something that needs to be worried about.  Storm windows are being proposed, as opposed to double-pane glass.  They could be installed without modifications to the existing window frames, and would probably be left on year-round.  (Although they would somewhat change the appearance of the barn, the Landmarks Commission my favor storm windows because they can easily be removed to return the barn to its original appearance - they are not a permanent modification).  A roll-down door has also been proposed to be located inside the existing sliding barn door at the north end of the barn.  The existing door would be retained.  The roll-down door would be more secure, and would allow easier emergency egress from the barn (currently, employees can accidently get locked into the building).  Parks has applied for a grant; the funding source provides grants to preserve historic barns in Washington State.
    5. NE Marymoor Way Paving Work - work order in for extension of center lines east.  Norah expects this will go through, and that the work would be performed some afternoon when a painting crew had some paint loaded and an hour free from some bigger job.
    6. Community Garden - new water connection will be installed when plumber available.  The garden watering season traditionally starts April 15, so it would be good if the work is completed by that date.
    7. Concert Area Electrical Upgrades - New project to upgrade food court area in the works
    8. Garden Loosestrife Control Project - We got the grant!  $28K.  Frana is working on the agreement.  FOMP is a partner in this grant.
    9. Picnic Shelters - roof repairs done
  5. Other -

    Jack and Christine reported on Community Gardens status.  They are fully subscribed for the season.  HopeLink has requested as much fresh produce as the gardens can provide.  With all the plots rented, they cannot grow the FoodBank garden.  However, they will be doing a "Grow a Row for HopeLink" project.  HopeLink will provide, quite literally, seed money to any gardener who will plant a row of vegetables for the food bank.  Jack also mentioned that he hopes FOMP will again provide financial assistance in 2010 to MCGA for the food bank plot

    Michael, on a somewhat unrelated note, raised the issue of the extensive amount of non-botanical stuff in the garden area - fences, bedsteads (to make "flower beds"), sculptures, structures, posts, etc.  Of particular concern was a series of three plots completely encircled by chain-link fencing.  Also of concern was a large plot area where much of the ground was covered in crushed glass walkways.  He felt there should be a limit to how much non-botanical development would be allowed within the Pea Patch - that they should be gardens, not patios.

    Jack and Christine indicated that the MCGA board has discussed this issue, and welcomed the input.

 Next Meeting: 

Wednesday February 24, 2010, 7:00 9:00pm. Marymoor Art Barn.  

These notes were made by Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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