Friends of Marymoor Park

King County is proposing a new kind of park zoning that almost certainly would apply to all or part of Marymoor Park.  See for the actual text and for a summary.

FOMP has sent the following preliminary comments to the Executive and Council:

    Zoning Ordinance Comments.doc

DDES held 4 meetings in August, and had a deadline for comments of August 22. 

The ordinance is to go before King County Council the week of September 22nd, and will be presented to the Resources, Parks & Open Space Committee at their OCTOBER 2, 20003 meeting.  FOMP will be crafting a statement for the October 2 meeting, but anyone who wishes to attend that meeting and make their own comments is encouraged to do so as well.

SEPA review of the proposed zoning: 

    WAC 197-11-960 Environmental checklist

    DNS for Parks Uses.doc

As this ordinance simply defines new zoning categories, and does not in itself apply to any specific locations, a Determination of Non-Significance is probably not inappropriate.  However, there is opportunity to comment on the SEPA review - comments are due by September 29.


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