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September 28th, 2005 Meeting Summary

-- see also the August 2005 meeting summary

1) Introductions

2) Current Capital Projects

  • Recreation and Event Pad – surveying currently, fencing goes up tomorrow, more fencing (including closing of the trail and part of the parking lot) on October 3. Six weeks is the expected construction time (unless rain forces delays in paving to spring). There are still issues involved with fire suppression capacity for Cirque de Soleil – the solution may be a temporary water bladder or water tanks in place only during Cirque.
  • Velodrome Restroom – bid came in high, almost double from what was expected. The cost increase is blamed on cost increases related to the hurricanes. Construction will follow the Event Pad, but the dates are not certain.
  • Synthetic Turf Fields – permit process about 70% completed. Going to bid in December. Target opening is September 2006. Cost will be affected by energy prices.
  • Pet Memorial Garden – substantially complete; dedication being planned. The garden will remain a bit of a work in progress, as some of the planting involves volunteer projects and other plantings will be done as memorials. Greg believes some recent workshops (weeds and pruning) were connected to this project. If so, much better communication is needed to let the community (and Parks staff) know about these workshops.
  • Automatic Lighting System – taps into the existing WiFi system to make it work. Should be done by the end of November.
  • Dasani Bicycle Program – 136 cards issued so far. Barbara is concerned that the access to the boxes is just on grass that may get mucky.
  • East Lake Sammamish Trail – conversion into a gravel trail is underway. Paving is still a few years out.
  • Maintenance Building – a SEPA challenge is before a judge now, and a ruling is expected within a few days. The challenge is based on view corridors. It could derail the project, or could require modifications.   NOTE From Norah on October 6th: "I just got word that we have the go-ahead to start construction on the new maintenance shop. The contractor should be on-site within a few weeks."
  • Marymoor Velodrome Association Building – this would replace the announcing tower. It would include storage space for the bicycles they need for classes. Funding will come from a Community Partnership Grant (i.e. an ADOP). Probably no construction before spring.
  • Concert Stage – status is up in the air due to the conflicts with the Landmarks Commission. The 2005 season was a disappointment financially, and this may affect the future of the concert series.

3) Proposed New Rowing Association Boathouse

The option of building at Idlewood ran into the problem that the land was encumbered with conservation easements that pretty much precluded construction. So attention has returned to Marymoor West.

SRA has hired an architect. The new building will be located a bit to the west and above the existing boat house. The project will include removal of the existing pavement and hard path, replacing them with permeable surfaces.

Shoreline permits have been obtained. Grading permits are awaiting resolution of a right-of-way issue involving expansion of West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

Project completion target is 2007.

4) Other

Barbara mentioned that there is standing water on the old driveway just south of the Rowing Club entrance. She’s concerned that it’s either a drainage problem or a water line leak.

Day of Caring Event – Jack wanted to give kudos to the Microsoft volunteers who helped pull out comfrey.

A question came up whether FOMP (and member 401c(3) organizations) could get on the list of charitable organizations for the State Employee’s Combined Fund Drive (sounds similar to the way the United Way giving works at some corporations). There is a similar drive for King County employees. Laurie Clinton will investigate the County fund.

Michael raised a question about a new construction south of Marymoor West. Barbara raised concern that there would be access to parts of Marymoor West that were previously inaccessible, and wondered if anything would be done to manage or prevent such access.

5) Additional information from Anne about CPGs:

"Here is the link to the King Co Parks Community Partnership Grants.

The County liaison fot this program is T.J. Davis. He can answer your questions and can be reached at (206) 263-6214 or "


Next meeting: Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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