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September 28th, 2011 Meeting Summary

-- see also the August 25, 2011 meeting summary


  1. Welcome and Introductions - Norah Gaynor, King County Parks; Herb Bone, FOMP board, MAR/C; Christina Merten, FOMP board, MCGA; Michael Hobbs, Eastside Audubon, FOMP Secretary

  2. Day of Caring Tree Planting Projects - About 150 volunteers took part in the Day of Caring. One of the projects was planting trees in the Willowmoor Historic district. About 12-15 trees, comprising western red cedar, vine maple, doug fir, noble fir, were planted. These were scattered in clumps around the district, 2-4 trees at each site. Other groups of volunteers did weeding across large areas of the park. Norah listed a long series of other areas that need work (there’s lots of weeding to be done). Christina also mentioned the acres of blackberries and Scott’s Broom in the large wedge that separates the NW edge of the Dog Area from the Historic District as being a place where trees and shrubs could be planted. Jack mentioned that some gardeners have requested some shade trees be planted in the triangle southwest of the Community Gardens themselves. Christina is still planning on preparing a spreadsheet based on a review the EarthCorps report to develop direction and guidance for planting projects.

  3. Concessions – New food (Indian inspired) concession near Velodrome opened, but with an irregular schedule. New pet grooming service near Wash Spot..

  4. CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

    • Birdloop – The survey stakes marked out a 200 foot buffer (originally a 250’ buffer had been proposed), which was the compromise Michael had been asking for.  [Michael mowed a new trail alignment on 2011-09-29, routing the trail to avoid the overlap area.  That section of trail is quite uneven footing, and some additional work will be needed to make the trail better]

    • Garden Loosestrife Control Project – Spraying done early September for Year 2, in the study area east of the boardwalk.  EarthCorps surveys showed limited effect from last years’s spraying, but Karl’s group felt there was progress being made. More drastic actions might be needed for this infestation, however.

    • Community Garden – Jack expressed his thanks for the installation of the compost/mulch bins.  There was some concern that they may become target sites for dumping, and possibly already have, as some wood chips appeared there unexpectedly.  Signage and education with the gardeners should help clarify the purposes and acceptable uses of these bins.

    • Boathouse Project – No updates.  See for more details.

    • East Lake Sammamish Trail – Redmond section closed. Construction on parking lot and trail in progress, with completion scheduled for March, 2012.  Issaquah section construction to begin October, 2011, with a scheduled completion date of October, 2012.  Sammamish sections will proceed later.  See

    • Interpretive Lot (Lot G) Improvements – No updates.

    • Paved Path Improvements – grounds crew will pack soil on shoulders and seed to reduce “curb” effect some areas have now.

    • North Playground – Norah presented some draft designs for the playground expansion north of the North Lot (near Subway).  The tot playground would have a toddler-safe climbing structure, and would be located east-northeast of the existing play area, with a paved path separating the two.  Parks is also interested in installing some exercise equipment for adults as part of this project, with the idea that parents could exercise while watching their children play (though the equipment would be for the use of anyone).  Three different siting option were proposed; one option would be to place them along a path a few yards north of the tot play area.  A second option would place them around the edges of the new tot play area.  The third option would place them just across the new paved path from the tot area.  Christina and Michael gave support for third option, which  would allow parents to be close enough to watch their children, while not excluding other adults.  Also, the third option would make it clear that the adult equipment was not intended for toddler use, whereas the option of having them around the edges of the tot area might lead to toddlers wanting to climb on them.  Improvements and some repairs/updates to existing playground scheduled for Fall 2011.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 7 PM, Art Barn.

These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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