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October 26, 2022 Meeting Summary

-- see also the September 28, 2022  meeting summary

  1. Welcome and IntroductionsGreg Helland, SODA representative, FOMP President; Michael Hobbs, weekly bird survey, FOMP Secretary; Shai Hinitz, MAR/C representative; Shane Berry, Seattle Event Solutions; Chris Jordan, Marymoor Park Administration, King County Parks; Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon, neighbor; Laura Hall, MCGA representative, FOMP board

  2. Marymoor Stone Sculptures CPG Project:  Northwest Stone Sculpture Association still has a contract with the county, money, and a few sculptures.  They have two sculptures already installed. There are an additional 7-8 locations where sculptures might be installed.  Installation would be springtime.  FOMP will be consulted for comments on individual sculptures before they are installed:  FOMP won't have editorial power, but KC Parks would still like preview feedback.

  3. Professional Dog Walking Permit Allocation Update:  Deadline was October 17th.  Twelve permit requests were submitted for eight slots.  A lottery will be held mid-November.  They will be subject to a code of conduct, and with limits to the number of dogs on-site from one service at a time.

  4. Clise Parking Lot Lights Fix & Upgrade:  Some of the lights are not working.  KC Parks will be addressing and repairing lights and underground wiring.  Current underground wiring is not in proper conduits.  The pay station is also not currently ADA accessible, and Parks is considering moving or adjusting the parking pay station as part of this work.  This work will hopefully be done in 2022.  Greg raised the issue that the Rowing Club lights are on all night at very high light levels.  Greg has complained about that, and is still awaiting a fix for it.   Greg expressed a desire to have though be given to Clise lighting about how bright the lights should be and what hours the lights should be on.  Shai suggested solar power for some of the lights in the park, possibly including this work on the Clise parking lot lights.  Laura and Shane mentioned that new research has shown that some modern LED lights can negatively effect nocturnal insects.  She hopes Parks can try to adjust light bulb selection to avoid environmental harm.

  5. Pickleball Facility Inquiry:  At least one person has approached KC Parks requesting pickleball courts in KC Parks.  Marymoor Park was, of course, their preferred location.  Greg mentioned that the Event Pad, when proposed, was portrayed as being a facility that could support sports like basketball and pickleball.   He deemed that this would be an excellent park-relevant use of the Event Pad.  But generally the reaction is that this is suggested park usage #347.

  6. Cricket Stadium Proposal Review Process:  Chris reported that there was no new news about the cricket facility.  Greg, however, reported that representatives from the Cricket group were approaching the City of Redmond this week to discuss issues of utilities etc.  So this proposal is still being pursued.  Furthermore, the organization is characterizing the facility as a closed, private facility, that would have public access possibly only six weekends a year.  Greg, and FOMP, are very concerned about turning over a section of public land to a private organization.  Shai asked how FOMP can pre-emptively educate Marymoor Park users, the local community, and the King County Council about our concerns.  Greg asked Chris to call back the KC Parks people in January to give FOMP an update.  Michael suggested that after that meeting, FOMP might want to write an open letter expressing our concerns, and distributing that letter to the FOMP membership, the King County Council, and the local newspapers.  Greg also reiterated that it's not cricket that we're fighting; it's loss of public parkland to a private organization.   FOMP would be very open to additional cricket facilities that were part of KC Parks. 

  7. CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

    • Eastside Audubon:  Monthly work parties are planned for the first Saturday of every month.  They will be working on invasive removal and some replanting

    • Community Garden (MCGA):  Laura mentioned that MCGA would still like to have an owl box and she asked what owl species might be appropriate.  Michael suggested Barn Owl, as they used to nest adjacent to the Pea Patch in the old cottonwoods.  However, Michael suspects that Barn Owls may be unable to find enough prey during the summer due to competition from the Great Blue Herons in the heronry.  Also, Michael brought up that there was a box mounted between the mansion and the stage for Barn Owls, but that it appears to have been taken over by squirrels.  At last viewing, some months ago, there was a dead squirrel hanging from the box.  It would be great if a crew with a Genie-type lift could attend to the box. 

      Laura also reminded everyone that if you want a plot, try and get on the list on January 1st.

    • R/C Field (MAR/C):  MAR/C managed okay with the parking lot closure Oct. 12, and they are very glad to have had the lot and lot entrance repaired.  Shai pointed out that gravel work will settle with this wet weather, and he wants to make sure that the county will patch any holes that appear.  The MAR/C CPG agreement is in review again, as MAR/C had concerns with the boilerplate wording in the CPG agreement dealing with liability, but KC Parks does not want to change that wording.  TJ has agreed to work with MAR/C when the boilerplate is eventually rewritten to make the text more appropriate for small non-profit organizations instead of being written in pure legal jargon aimed at larger corporations and associations.

      ADA accessibility has been raised as an issue for all aspects of the MAR/C facility, specifically related to their new structures.  And this brought up that the porta-potty pads in the park (Dog Area, Pea Patch, and model airplane field do not accommodate ADA potties, and should be replaced.  FOMP may have money to help with this, as FOMP did partially pay for the portapotty pads in the first place.

    • SODA Off-leash area:  Trees were cut down.  Another couple of trees fell down earlier and that was cleared out in the last few days.  Chris also mentioned that there had been a stabbing of a dog in the dog park, but he did not have many details.

    • Maintenance Items:  Water fountains and field netting has been repaired and replaced.  RC club parking lot work was done.

    • Events Update: 
      • There is no big-top event planned for 2023; tentative for 2024.
      • FOMP would request that the concert season revert back to fewer concerts with more even spacing in 2023.  The frenetic pace in 2022 had a large negative impact on park users.  Chris noted that staff also felt overwhelmed.
      • Shai asked that the large sign at the RC field that gets posted saying No Event Parking be managed differently.  Wants better language and sign being taken down between events.  He fears that non-MAR/C members who want to be spectators would be scared off by a sign aimed at those going to a large paid-parking event.

    • Sound Transit:  Works in progress (Wetland mitigation, Tree mitigation, Gateway, Surface Water Improvement).  Mitigation work has been delayed by smoke and drought, but should be taking place this fall.

    • Masterplan:  RFP is scheduled to go out at the end of Q4 2022, to find a consulting firm to manage the Masterplan process

  8. FYI:
  • Lake Hills/NW Lk Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project: - See updates at:
  • Parks will again be staffing the Parking Booth during afternoon rush hours, starting November 1, 2022
  • Staff working on hybrid office hours to allow public to be served in-person

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 p.m., Location: Art Barn

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These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.

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