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November 16, 2022 Meeting Summary

-- see also the October 26, 2022  meeting summary

  1. Welcome and IntroductionsGreg Helland, SODA representative, FOMP President; Michael Hobbs, weekly bird survey, FOMP Secretary; Shane Berry, Seattle Event Solutions; Angie Heyer, Seattle Event Solutions; Chris Jordan, Marymoor Park Administration, King County Parks; Glenn Eades, Eastside Audubon, neighbor

  2. MarymoorLive - Contract to manage concerts:  During introductions, Shane and Angie let us know of news that did not become final until December.  But I can now share that Seattle Event Solutions has been awarded the contract to manage the concert series at Marymoor Park, which will now be known as MarymoorLive.  Here is a link to an excellent article with more information:

  3. Sammamish Rowing Club - Parking Lot Lights:  Chris discussed this with SRA and KC Parks people.  Lights should be off at 10:00p.m.  Greg gave evidence that the Rowing Club lights were still on just before midnight on Tuesday; apparently the actual timers need adjustment. They are planning to get more advanced timers with day-of-week controls.

  4. Lake Hills/NW Lk Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project:  Project will start, probably, in 2024.  They are working on an updated detour route for bicycles that won't require people to dismount.  They are working with WADOT and City of Redmond to design this new detour.

  5. Restoration Work North of Sparrow Loop Trail & around Overlook area (a.k.a. The Viewing Mound):  A meeting was held between various groups at King CountyParks, along with Eastside Audubon, and myself, to discuss what should happen with the area around the north end of the East Meadow and the "compost pile" area.  Parks is now planning some clearing and revegetation of the whole area surrounding the "compost piles". They have access to unlimited quantities of compost that can be used to enhance the soils there.  Replanting would follow, with the hope of establishing native plants in an area now dominated by weeds, some of which are on the noxious weed list.  Eastside Audubon was also very intrigued by Parks recommendation that the Scot's Broom swathe running from the East Meadow to the Model Airplane Field would best be controlled through mowing rather than pulling with weed wrenches.  This requires much less effort during Eastside Audubon work parties.

  6. Maintenance Yard Expansion Project:  Funding now is available for fencing to expand the maintenance yard around the north and east side of the Art Barn.  This is likely to start early 2023.  It will provide security and privacy, and will hide the unsightly mess.

  7. Marymoor Climbing Wall:  A climber has reached out to Parks, expressing that the climbing wall gets so much use that an expansion would be great.  Parks will probably be more interested in adding a climbing facility in another park within the system.

  8. Cricket Stadium Proposal:  Heidi and Courtney will come to the January FOMP meeting to bring an update.  No news currently.

  9. CIP/Project/Facility Updates:

    • Eastside Audubon:  Monthly work parties are planned for the first Saturday of every month, but there was no additional news.

    • Community Garden (MCGA):  No new news during this winter off-season.

    • R/C Field (MAR/C):  Shai Hinitz emailed us an update:
      • No significant events planned at the field for remainder of the year
      • Still awaiting for our CPG agreement to close. Hopefully THIS WEEK!
      • Our field improvement project is slowly progressing. We submitted the first batch of documents and are awaiting responses
      • The owl box is making slow progress. I hope to have it ready before the holidays
    • SODA Off-leash area:  No new updates

    • Maintenance Items:  Some hydro-seeding is being done

    • Events Update: 
      • There is no big-top event planned for 2023; tentative for 2024.

    • Sound Transit:  Sound Transit Works in progress (Wetland mitigation (dormant for now), Tree mitigation (probably not until 2023), Gateway (update at a FOMP meeting "soon"), Surface Water Improvements):

    • Masterplan:  Hopefully more will be known in January

  1. FYI:
  • Lake Hills/NW Lk Sammamish Sewer Upgrade Project: - See updates at:
  • Parks will again be staffing the Parking Booth during afternoon rush hours, starting November 1, 2022
  • Staff working on hybrid office hours to allow public to be served in-person

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 at 7:00 p.m., Location: Art Barn

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These notes do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.

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