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February 23rd, 2005 Meeting Summary

-- see also the January 2005 meeting summary

1) Welcome and Introductions
Justin Kobluk - Seattle Organizing Committee - Pacific Rim Sports Summit; Tom Ruttkay - concessions for PRSS; Norah Gaynor; Bill Illi; Barbara Dickson; Jack MacKinnon - Community Gardens; Sarah Koenig - Redmond Reporter, Jeffrey Shilling - NW Celtic Festival.
2)  NW Celtic Festival Status - Jeffrey Shilling -
Budget and logistical problems have forced the withdrawal of their plans for 2005.  They will regroup, with the hope of mounting a festival at some point in the future, or perhaps concentrating on other endeavors.  They will be having a Celtic party-type event  (not at Marymoor) in May ( and possibly again in February. Jeff warned Norah that there may be some inquiries that come in to the Park because some advanced publicity had already occurred.
3) Pacific Rim Sports Summit - Justin Kobluk -
June 7-12, 2005.  Softball, Archery, and Cycling events will be held at Marymoor.  China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Canada, and USA.  These countries represent a majority of all medals won at the last Olympics.  We be an elite group for some sports - i.e. Softball will be a 4-team tournament between the top 4 teams in the world.  Some sports will be development teams - i.e. basketball will be the top Juniors (Under 19 men's, under 17 women's).  Other events will be held at Key Arena, Southwest Athletic Complex, Safeco Field, Qwest Events Center, Weyerhaeuser-King County Aquatics Center, Tacoma Dome, and Everett Events Center.
Archery, Cycling, and Track-and-Field will incorporate Paralympics athletes (i.e. blind, paralyzed, amputees, etc.).  They will be competing concurrently and at the same venues as other athletes.  There will also be an Arts and Culture component to this event, with traveling companies performing around the city, as well as a Pacific Rim Health Summit organized by Fred Hutchinson.
The Seattle Organizing Committee will help to resurface the Velodrome track, in a joint deal with King County.  They will also bring in 4000 temporary seats around the softball fields and 4000 temporary seats for the velodrome. 
Coaches and athletes will be involved in some local clinics and community outreach events.
The Seattle Organizing Committee is under the gun to get this event organized in time, but they've brought in top people from around the country.  Security is a big challenge, and they've already begun things like security screenings for staff.  Local, State and Federal agencies are being consulted on a regular basis.  Foreign dignitaries may attend and that will cause logistical issues.
NBC has purchased broadcast rights and will air some events live and some taped on NBC and/or their affiliate networks.
A 2006 event will probably be held in China; 2007 - back in the Seattle (though not necessarily Marymoor).  These Sports Summits may open the door to events like Olympic Trials to this area.
Jack raised the issue of access for park users during the event, and Justin assured him that they will be concentrating the events in the local areas of the venues.  A parking plan is in the works, and Justin is aware of things like access requirements to the Community Gardens and the model airplane field.  Access through the east entrance to the park may be restricted at various times, and those times will be announced in advance.
4. Poets in the Park - Michael Welch
March 19-20, 2005.  For this year, one must register for the whole weekend to attend, although Park Place Books will be hosting a public poetry reading on Friday the 18th (free), featuring 2 of the guest poets.  In 2006, there will hopefully be one or more public events.  Expecting perhaps 60-75 registrants, plus about 15 guest poets.  Events will be held in Clise Mansion.
4. Starbucks Grant - Norah Gaynor
Norah handed out more information on the Starbucks Grants for Parks.  The application deadline is Friday, March 25, 2005.  More information is at and
5. New Dog Area Vendor - Norah Gaynor
Good Dog Bistro will be setting up in the Interpretive Lot, once the contract is finalized.  Norah is not certain what the physical presence will be, whether it is a van or a quick-setup canopy or what.  They will be selling dog treats, dog toys, water, and snacks for humans.
6. Parking Violation Fees - Norah Gaynor
Parks has developed a proposal (will need to be approved by KC Council) that will allow for fines for failure to pay the $1 fee.  The fine structure would encourage compliance (i.e. choose between paying a low fine or paying a higher fee that covers the fine plus purchase of a 2-month pass).  Failure to pay would result in collection agency activity.  If approved by Council, there will be warning signs of the impending fines prior to the initiation of enforcement.
7. Proposal to gravel Lot B - Norah Gaynor
Lot B is the "Cowboy Lot" - at the north end of the grass soccer fields.  Currently, event parking needs to have attendants show people where to park.  Karl wants to gravel the lot, and mark it with lines to facilitate parking.  Karl believes more cars could be fitted into the lot, and would make the lot more of a self-park lot.  Barbara is concerned about people doing donuts on the gravel, the low lifetime of striping, etc.  Michael pointed out that lots of bird species (Cackling Goose, Canada Goose, Killdeer, gulls, robins, sparrows) do use that lot, and would not use a gravel lot.  Several people voiced concern about the paving-over of the park, and the degradation of the quality of the pastoral character of the park.
8. Capital Projects - Norah Gaynor
  • Development Criteria Update - Norah and Bobbi tested the process with the Pet Memorial Garden.  This test will move forward in the coming weeks through the process.
  • Restrooms - "really" almost open (within a month).  Problems with electrical and roofing caused delays.  Subway will begin installation as soon as the building opens. 
  • South Lot ADA improvements - mostly complete.  Swale needs to be planted and fenced (contractor will initially plant grass), SODA will fence, and will work on better plantings.
  • Turf soccer fields - in an accelerated design phase currently.  Fields will be placed as close to SR520 and be placed closer together to allow more space for possible placement of additional fields in the future  (4 now, maybe as many as 3 more later). Construction could start in 2006.
  • New Large-Production Area - This is a proposed paved area that could be suitable for Cirque du Soleil - Parks is working on feasibility of permitting placement in the NW corner of Marymoor.  They will look into permeable paving.  If Cirque du Soleil comes, it would start no sooner than 2006.  They would want a multi-year contract (although they would not necessarily hold events every year).  217,000 sq. ft footprint, with a smaller portion of that paved.  Barbara expressed concerns about the venue-ization of the park.  She also expressed concern that when Cirque was not using it, it would be empty.  Norah and Justin both stated that there are a multitude of events that could use a flat, paved area.  Michael asked about highway noise vis--vis the usefulness of the site for non-Cirque events.  Norah stated that most events that would book the site would want the visibility from the highway for publicity purposes, and that would outweigh noise concerns.
  • Pet Garden - Bobbi is working on permitting and refining the design (because of flood-plain issues). She is hoping to start planting this spring.
9. Schedule Update - Norah Gaynor
  • 4th of July uncertain - Redmond will know soon
  • The Music Festival will not happen in 2005
  • The Celtic Fest will not happen in 2005
10.  Other
  • The county is appealing the Landmarks Commission ruling denying the concert venue seasonal facilities to King County Council.  It is unclear what might happen if KC Council does not overturn the ruling.
  • New maintenance facility - building design work being finalized.  Construction could start summer or fall 2005.

The next meeting will be March 23, 2005.

These notes were made by the webmaster, Michael Hobbs, and they do not constitute an official record of the meeting.  They may have inaccuracies and omissions.  If anyone has any complaints about the content of these notes, they should direct them to Michael Hobbs at, and he will endeavor to correct them.


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